Ever gotten a leg cramp? Simply eat a couple of packets of yellow mustard and your cramp will be gone in a minute. (not the packet itself). Sure wish I had know this when I was pregnant.

I haven’t actually tried this yet, and I must pick up some little packets of mustard next time I am somewhere where hot dogs are sold. The movies?

Mustard is also supposed to be good for burns. Run burn under cold water and then stick your hand in a jar of cold yellow mustard. Let it dry. I’ve also heard that sticking your hand in flour (cold is best) is a good ‘cure’.  Just keep a bag of flour in fridge for this purpose. And a big jar of yellow mustard. (must be the tumeric, or maybe the vinegar)

Another one is really odd. If you cut yourself, such as with a kitchen knife, just pour finely ground black pepper on the cut to stop the bleeding.

Now, if you get a bee or wasp sting, cut an onion in half and hold the cut side against the sting. Two alternatives, meat tenderizer or baking soda. Make a paste with water and slather either on sting.

My girlfriend says she always used to put strawberry jam on a bee sting when her kids were little. This is an old remedy, as her children are all over forty.

I always thought a mother’s kiss cured most children’s ailments.