Romeo Santos

Have you ever heard of Romeo Santos? Neither had I. Last night while scrolling through HBO documentary listings I saw one called The King at Madison Square Garden: Sold Out.

I checked it out. Am I ever glad I did. Anthony (Romeo) Santos is the King of Bachata music. This is the music of the Dominican republic. He is the composer/singer/performer and I was spellbound for the entire concert.

The sound is like no other I have ever heard. Extremely fast constant lyrics in Dominican in an impossible fast beat. What is amazing is that the entire sold out audience at Madison Square Garden seemed to know all the words and sang along with him complete with gestures.

His band is remarkable. Mostly guitars and drums of various types, including bongos. Very unusual guitar players who are masters at this type of music. His backup singers are three terrific men and one woman, who has a very haunting voice.

He does a fabulous duo with Usher, sort of a Latin hip hop. Mostly Latin. And his dancers are fabulous. Romeo is 32, and reminds me somewhat of a Latin Michael Jackson. He is mesmerizing.

Romeo was born to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother in 1981. He was raised in Brooklyn, NY and while he speaks English, he writes and performs in this Spanish type language.

Up until now, I had only equated Dominican with baseball players. Now I am a huge fan of their music. I looked him up on iTunes and purchased his first album called simply Romeo Santos, Volume 1. There are 16 of his songs and gives a nice assortment for a beginner. $7.99 on iTunes.

The Madison Square Garden concert was his third one, and is currently on HBO documentaries. If you don’t have HBO, you can get the DVD. The King at Madison Square Garden: Sold Out.


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