I must apologize to my readers. For the past week I have not posted a blog. I have had a severe case of writer’s block.

I still don’t have any great news to report. Been following the Zimmerman trial and here in Hawaii the Deedy murder trial.

This one was a real movie plot. Special agent who lives in DC was here in Hawaii to provide ‘security’. Before event started he went out drinking with friends (while wearing his Glock), got drunk, went to MacDonalds at 3 a.m.

There he got into an ‘altercation’ with a local guy and wound up shooting him in the chest. Dead. He claims self defense.

All I can say, his attorney is going to have to be a real miracle worker, if he gets him off.

I like ‘true crime’ stories, so was looking forward to Netflix’s new series, Orange is the New Black. So far I watched the pilot and I will force myself to check out one more.

Story is: 32 year old White girl is engaged to similar age Jewish guy. She has to go to prison for a drug deal mule situation ten years prior. Actually she was just carrying money. In any case, she has to go to prison for 15 months.

This is supposedly a true story. An awful lot of lesbianism (before and during prison), so if that offends you, skip this.

I imagine the ‘casting call’ for this series must have looked like the freak show in the circus.