Vampire Face Lift…Who Knew?

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Have you ever heard of a Vampire Face Lift? Me neither. Until today.

I went to my dermatologist and while sitting in the waiting room nibbling on a couple of candy canes, from a big bowl on the table, this huge poster caught my eye.

I asked the nurse what this was and she explained that this procedure involves drawing your own blood and mixing the platelets with collagen and injecting it into your face. To find out more, ask the doctor.

I was amazed to find out that there is no down time. You can have this done and then go back to work or to a party. The results keep getting better as this stimulates your own collagen to produce.

Dr. Kevin Mott is the only doctor in Hawaii doing this, however it is all the rage on the mainland. $1500 for those of you interested. And to find out more and see the video of an actual Vampire facial being done, just check out



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At first I felt sorry for the 18,500 workers who were laid off. Then I read where the reason the company closed was because of the outrageous demands the workers were making.

I imagine most of the jobs were unskilled labor. Many of the people had to be pulling a crank or switching a switch. Probably someone had to check the boxes and the packaging. But no one was actually drawing the little squiggles on the frosting.

I’m sure their office staff was busy and they had to have salesmen out in the field. However, how hard is it to ‘sell’ a Hostess order to a market chain?

The company couldn’t have had a huge profit margin to play with. But how much can you mark up an item that retails for less than $5. and has to cost nearly that to produce and ship. Even by truck, there is the cost of drivers and gasoline.

I have looked up recipes for homemade Twinkies on the internet and the cost of ingredients for one batch is well over $5. And it doesn’t have to be delivered anywhere, there is zero profit, and no markup at the retail end.

I think this blog will be short and sweet:

You may have heard that Hostess Bakery plants shut down due to a workers’
strike. But you may not have heard how It was split up. The State Department
hired all the Twinkies, the Secret Service hired all the HoHos, the generals
are sleeping with the Cupcakes and the voters sent all the Ding Dongs to

P.S. In today’s paper there was an article that said that Hostess has over 100 parties that are interested in buying the brand. I’m sure someone will revive the company and our next generation will continue to enjoy Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos.

Uh Oh, Mac Donalds

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It’s been years since I have eaten at MacDonald’s. Today I was Christmas shopping and I was starving. I was right next to Mac Donald’s. So I stood in line and started reading the menu board.

Now they have the calories posted next to each item. I usually order the filet of fish sandwich and was pleased that it was the lowest on the calorie chart. 380. However if you add the fries and a soft drink it jumps to 1000.

I opted for coffee. Then I remembered that Mac Donald’s has a break for seniors in the coffee department. Last time I ordered ‘senior’ coffee at MacDonald’s it was ten cents. Today it was 85 cents.

I took my box with the filet of fish sandwich and found a seat. Then I proceeded to read the nutrition stats that are clearly posted on the bottom. 380 calories 170 from fat. 28% fat, 3.5 grams or 19% saturated fat, 610 mg. of sodium and on and on.

By now I had consumed my entire sandwich and had vowed not to do this again. On a happier note, there are 16 grams of protein in this sandwich, so it’s not ALL bad. I wonder what the stats are on a Big Mac, chocolate shake and fries?

From Trash to Flash

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I love finding items in our trash area and transforming them into something wonderful. Today I found a lamp.

It is very nice as is, but I see it as a MacKenzie Childs knockoff. I have lots of catalogs with photos of lamps that look very similar to this one, but with the designer pattern and touch.

With a little cutting and pasting I can have fun transforming this ‘ugly duckling’ into something very special. I will be busy finding just the right patterns to decoupage to the ‘candlesticks’ and the lampshade. The base is fine as is. Almost.

If you go to thrift shops and the Salvation Army, you will find the best deals on ‘old’ lamps. Often they just need a spray of paint, or touch up with some gold leaf.

You can also glue sea shells all over for an interesting lamp. Just make sure it works.

Sometimes you need a new shade. Walmart is a great place to find every size and shape at reasonable prices. You can always decorate the shade with pretty fringe around the bottom.

The real MacKenzie Child’s lamps cost hundreds of dollars. Mine will be 100% free, except for my time.

If you want to see the finished results for my lamp. see below. Ta Da.

The picture to the right of the ‘finished’ lamp is from one of the catalogs, showing some of MacKenzie Child’s lamps.

Christmas Shopping

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It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it is 80 degrees and humid. And when all the men shoppers are wearing shorts and aloha shirts.

Today I went Christmas shopping with my son and my grandson. He opted for Neiman Marcus as he felt they wouldn’t be crowded. He was 100% right.

No lines, no bedlam and lots of salespeople. Very few customers. They do have beautiful merchandise and the store is very pleasant to shop in.

We started in the gourmet food department. That is an amazing place this time of the year. There are delicacies from all over the world. $100 bottles of Olive Oil from France,  $70 jars of mustard also from France and cakes and cookies from Italy, England and Japan.

Their candies are from all the finest chocolate makers and now Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan has a huge section of her candies. They are very colorful and the packaging is great. There was a $40 assembled ginger bread house and all you had to do was decorate it.

For the same price, a fondu set with chocolate and all the trimmings. For $60 a gingerbread kit. And the big bargain was a candy striped beach towel for only $15.

The store was very unbusy and it was easy to get waited on in every department. The sales ladies and men were very friendly, took their time and were very knowledgeable about their products.

It’s too bad that ‘normal’ stores don’t have the same quality of help and the pleasant unrushed feeling throughout the entire department store. The only thing missing was some pretty Christmas music or even a live piano player. That used to be a nice touch for the holidays.

I usually go to their half price sale the day after Christmas. There is always plenty left over.

The Life of Pi-a Movie Review

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I read the book and so I certainly wanted to see the movie.  The director Ang Lee surely had his hands full in filming this epic.

The story begins in India where a boy and his family live in a botanical garden that the father has made into a zoo. The movie starts by showing all the various animals in a beautiful setting. The city they live in in closing the zoo, but the father owns the animals and decides to relocate to Canada, where he can get a good price for his animals.

By now the youngest son is sixteen and doesn’t want to leave India and his ‘girlfriend’. But leave they do, on a Japanese ship. Four days out, the ship sinks and there the story really begins. The boy Pi is really the only survivor other than a couple of the animals.

His entire family perishes and he is left in a lifeboat on the open ocean. His boatmates start out to be a zebra, who falls into the boat, an orangutan, a hyena and a Bengal tiger. After a couple of days, all that are left are the boy and the tiger.

For someone who has never had any training in surviving a shipwreck, he is very inventive. You really have to see this to understand what all he went through. He was lost at sea for over 200 days and between figuring out what to eat and drink and also feeding and caring for the tiger, he was one busy boy.

The movie is over two hours long and I think there could have been some cutting done to bring it to an hour and a half. There are many scenes of waves crashing over the boat, and these could easily have been shortened.

I saw the movie with my son and my ten year old grandson. It was in 3D and very realistic. My grandson had his head tucked in his shirt more than once. I wasn’t scared, but I was glad that I knew he would finally get out of this predicament.

I always dress for wherever I am going. Western for a rodeo, Hawaiian for an island event and so on. I actually have a beautiful scarf with a tiger on it. I have had it for many years and doubt if I have worn it more than twice. It seemed to be the perfect thing to wear today.

I heard where Life of Pi and Argo (the true story of the Iranian revolution and getting six hostages out of Iran) are both heavy contenders for Best Picture. I would have to give my vote to Argo, but it will be interesting to see the outcome of the Academy Awards.

Black Friday

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OK> I got ready. I put on black slacks and a black shirt. My Black Friday outfit. First stop Costco. Not too bad. I really didn’t pick up any Black Friday specials, I just needed a few things. The lines at the register were about six or eight deep, but they went quickly and I was in and out of the store in half an hour.

Then I thought I would give Macy’s a try. They are right across the street, but in case I found something to purchase, I took my car. Big mistake. The parking lot was total gridlock.

Finally I got out of the shopping center and there, right on the street was a parking place. I pulled in and walked up the ramp to Macy’s.

Oh, my God!

Total bedlam. You would think they were giving things away. Which they weren’t. Clothes were falling off the racks, tables were piled with tangled shirts and sweaters, and nothing was arranged according to size.

I wandered around for one hour and didn’t see one thing I wanted. Lucky for me, as the checkout lines at each cash register had at least thirty people waiting.

The best ‘deal’ was the Holiday shop with 60% off. The line there had about fifty people waiting to pay for their purchases. Some people only had one or two ornaments. It was a very orderly crowd.

In the paper today, there was an article about some of the various stores about town and how people were lining up to get their door busters today. Best Buy had some good prices on various tablets and the number one man in line had been camped out since Sunday. That is four days.

His mother made and brought a complete Thanksgiving dinner for him and his five new friends, who were in places two through six in the same line. The photo on the front page of this morning’s paper showed these six ‘strangers’ holding hands and saying grace before their meal.

Toys R Us had 600 customers in line when they opened. I wonder how long they had to stand in line at the cash register to pay for their toys.

Most of the companies have online Black Friday specials and that makes a lot more sense. No parking problem, no standing in line and probably a better selection.

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