Football and Baseball

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Now that we are going into October and the baseball playoffs and the World Series, all you baseball fans must be getting excited. I know I am.

For those of you ladies (and men) who don’t enjoy watching baseball, try to get a fan to watch a game with you and learn about it. It can really be exciting. Plus its fun to have ‘favorite’ players and teams.

While this is going on, football season has begun. Saturday is college football and Sunday is NFL football. I love to watch a good game. So ladies if your idea of what to do during Sunday football is to go shopping, think again.

If you are married, your husband would love to explain this all to you. If you have a boyfriend, same thing. Plus you can always bring out some yummy football snacks.

My favorite is still the Chex mix made with corn, rice and wheat Chex. And of course peanuts and pretzels. Recipe on box. Secret ingredients are Lawry’s seasoned salt and Worsteshire¬† (spelling?) sauce. This is not the same as the already made varieties in the supermarket.

If you want to get really fancy, get some chocolate covered almonds at Trader Joe’s. Buy a white squirt on icing¬† cake decorator tube and draw fine line down middle and three across and you will have darling little ‘footballs’ to sprinkle into the mix.

OK> Time to get back to the Niners/Colts game I am watching. Wrote this blog during half time.


Not Much to Write About


Today I got a ‘Where Are You, Are You OK?’ letter from someone who was reading my blog every day and then all of a sudden, I stopped writing my blog.

Not much thrilling has been happening to me lately and I have not been in the mood to write. Unless you want to hear about my refrigerator that is not getting cold enough and Sears can’t send someone until October 11.

Or maybe the fact that City Mill didn’t have the right tool to take the bolt out of something. They only have about 10,000 tools.

The good news is that while I was waiting, I found some darling duck tape in leopard.Photo on 9-21-13 at 2.13 PM

Or the fact that I had to go to Costco and it was Saturday and nearly impossible to navigate the cart, much less get checked out in less than 45 minutes.

Highlight of the week was watching my 11 year old grandson play volleyball in the Catholic middle school league. Now if he could just get the ball over the net, it would have been even better.

So, now you are all caught up on my busy life. I’ll try to do better next week.


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Have you ever bought a Groupon? These are special deals on goods and services that you purchase on the internet.

Sometimes it is half price at a restaurant, sometimes $10 for a photo book, and today was a deal to use at Sephora.

As Sephora is a place I shop anyway, this caught my eye. For $5, you got a $10 gift certificate to be used at Sephora.

I noticed that 100,000 had been purchased already, so I joined in.

I printed it out and went to Sephora to see what damage I could do. Like double couponing, I like to try to find something on sale and then use my coupon.

Uh, oh. I was supposed to ‘activate’ the coupon on the Sephora website and I didn’t see that part. The cashier and her supervisor were ever so sweet to do it for me on my iPhone. (Sometimes it’s good to be older and play the stupid old woman who doesn’t know how to operate her iPhone).¬† The wonders of technology.

Voila! OPI nail polish, which is usually $9 a bottle. Last year’s colors on sale for $4.50 each or three for $10. But for me it was three for $5. Even better. That’s less than no name nail polish at the drug store.Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.20 PMPlus the darling little gift bag that is perfect for that little gift. I think my twelve year old grand daughter has her name on the purple. It’s called Just a Little Dangerous. The silvery one is called Already Famous, and the mud colored one is called Happy Earth Day.Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.23 PM

The folks at OPI must have a lot of fun figuring out names for all their polishes. So much easier to remember than a number.

So many cosmetic lines use very mundane names such as Beige, Tan, Ivory or worse numbers like 401, 604, or 368.

Parking garages should take a tip from OPI and color each numbered floor a different color. Easier to remember the color green, than the number 4.

At the Century Center parking garage in Los Angeles, each floor has a different movie theme song. Clever

Simple Pleasures

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Today I went for my every other week manicure/pedicure. I have gel polish on my nails as it never chips and looks great for two weeks.

I change the color every time, so it looks new to me. I was torn this time between the black/white combo and the red/white combo, but the red won out.

Photo on 9-6-13 at 3.40 PMLooked so good, I had the toes done to match. The big toes have the checkered pattern. Color is Candy Apple Red.

Sort of reminds me of the jockey’s shirts in a horse race. Never too old. Life’s simple pleasures are the best.

Make Your Grill Non Stick

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Here is an easy way to make your bar b que grill non stick. Just cut an onion in half and rub it on the hot grate.

grilling-tip-onion-apply-to-grill1That’s it.grilling-tip-non-stick-burgers

Crustless Freezer Sandwiches

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These adorable little sandwiches are so easy to make, and for a little snack or making lunch boxes just perfect.Crustless-Freezer-Sandwiches

You will need soft white bread, peanut butter/jelly and a straight sided glass. Also some sandwich size baggies.

Spread a little peanut butter on both sides of bread. Be sure it is a small amount and doesn’t go beyond the size of the glass. Top with a little glob of jam or jelly. Put sides together and cut out with the glass, which is like a cookie cutter. Put in baggie, press out air and freeze.

To make school lunches, just pop in bag and it will be defrost and be perfect by lunch time. Voila!

Or, if this is too much trouble, Smucker’s makes the same thing in the freezer case of your supermarket.

Too bad this idea is about sixty five years too late for me.

Crustless-Freezer-Sandwiches-2 Homemade-Crustless-Sandwiches-2 Homemade-Crustless-SandwichesHomemade-Crustless-Sandwiches-3