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I am going on vacation tomorrow, so I will not be posting a blog until I return on August 7th. The occasion for this trip is the Bat Mitzvah for my granddaughter, who will be 13 on Friday August 1. August 2nd is her Big Day.

For those of my readers who don’t know what this is, it is the Jewish religious passage of a girl when she turns 13. The boy’s event is called a Bar Mitzvah.

I’m sure she will get lots of fabulous presents. Money is the traditional gift, but also jewelry. (And probably now, electronics).

When I had my Bat Mitzvah in 1950, it was a very simple ceremony with only family present. I think my main present was a Cross ballpoint pen. Now it is like a huge formal ‘wedding weekend’. Starting with Thursday, a family Chinese dinner, then Friday an Italian dinner for 50, then Saturday morning, the actual Bat Mitzvah at the temple, followed by a luncheon.

Then Saturday night is the formal dinner/dance with 200 guests. 100 children and 100 adults. Sunday is the  brunch at home.

This gives me Monday and Tuesday for shopping and then to fly home on Wednesday.

I am all packed (except for my pillow). Tell you all about it when I return.


Fist Bumps

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This was the most interesting item in today’s newspaper.

Do you want to help with the war on germs? Fist bump. This is instead of a handshake. You will only transfer 1/20th of the germs that you would in a regular hand shake. Even a Hi 5 is better than a regular handshake. But no way as sanitary as a fist bump.

So these kids are onto something.

I never really thought about this, but I live in a high rise and always push the elevator button with my knuckle. I almost never shake hands, so this is my ‘war on germs’. When I was ‘working’ selling timeshare for 25 years, I had to shake hands three or four times a day with total strangers, usually from another state or town. Amazingly I never got sick once. I guess I was immune after so much exposure.

In the olden days, one would eat toast that had fallen on the floor (as long as it wasn’t ‘buttered side down’). We drank water out of the garden hose. And I had a wooden cutting board that slid out of the counter. I used this for everything including raw chicken, meat, vegetables and nobody got sick. I wiped it off with a dish rag.

I don’t think it was removeable, or at least I never removed it. Now and then I would ‘wash it down’ with vinegar. Speaking of vinegar, this is one of those products that has a jillion uses. Here is my favorite one:

To clean grout on a tile sink, or remove stains in a coffee mug, put baking soda in cup or on area and pour on some vinegar. It will foam up and Voila.

32 Miles

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32 Miles. That is how far it is from the island of Molokai to Oahu (where I live). The channel is considered the roughest in the world and there are many races each year featuring outrigger canoes. I think the song goes, “26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a waiting for me”.

But on Sunday July 27, will be the women’s paddle board event. Molokai to Oahu. The same woman holds eight world records for this. I think she took last year off to have a baby. It is probably not too easy to paddle board for 32 miles prone (on your stomach), when you are pregnant.

But now that baby is 14 months old, the mama is ‘back in the saddle’, so to speak. She is 38 years old and this is actually her 14th year doing this. (I bet she has great upper arms)


photo 2

I have only tried paddle boarding once. I was on my knees using an oar/paddle. I went out about forty feet from shore and then using my incredible balance and my paddle, I came all the way to shore. Not bad. Next time I want to learn how to stand up and paddle. Like my twelve year old granddaughter in the background. (my daughter Sherry took the photo with her iPhone5s.) Pretty amazing, you can even see the grains of sand under the water. And she was about ten feet away.

I might add that Sherry is a great photographer. Not only did she take photography in college back in the 80’s (before digital everything), she is also the official school photographer for her children’s schools for the past dozen  years. This ties in with her being PTA president and Girl Scout leader. She also takes great travel photos of their trips. This photo was taken while she was on a trip to Hawaii.

Hair Chalk

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Hair chalk is a new item I have been hearing about. If you have seen entertainers on TV with royal blue or green streaks in their hair: hair chalk.51o7hIT6AAL

This washes out, so it is just a one time thing. Actually lasts for three days. I haven’t seen this product in Hawaii yet, but I’m sure I could find it online. In the meantime, I ‘invented’ a good substitute. So if you want to see what you would look like with ‘highlights’ of blue or green or purple or whatever, just go to your eye shadow department and pick out the brightest ones.

Take a small strand of hair and starting at the scalp, hold the eye shadow container against the hair and pull it to the end, while pressing down with your finger. It really looks good and takes about five minutes to do a dozen strands.

This would be fun for a party, or just to perk up your look for a special day. My next project will to try this with multi colors. Oh, and look up hair chalk on the internet.
Photo on 7-26-14 at 10.10 AMOK: I just looked up hair chalk and I found it on Amazon. A 32 color set for only $9.50, with free shipping if you add it on to another order for $25. Hooray for Amazon Prime. And it is supposed to last three days. Now to search Amazon for something I can’t live without for $25.

But here is something even better.  Hot Huez. Four colors that glide on in a nifty fold/over compact. So you don’t get this on your fingers. You lay strand on sponge side and just pull strand through closed round case. On ‘as seen on TV’ this set is $14.95 (but it comes with three pony tail holders and a free carrying case) plus $7 shipping and handling. On Amazon, the same thing minus the pony tail holders  is $7.57. And free shipping.

I ordered this. Colors are Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Neon Green and Hot Purple. Take your pick.

418Qw0OfNBLBy the way the TV site has a video of how to do this and there is also a cute little girl on You Tube doing a video of her mother doing her hair with this little kit. She uses all four of the colors. Perfect for back to school.


What shall I post today?

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I don’t know if you Dear Readers are aware of just how hard it is to come up with something new and interesting to write about every single day. I have posted nearly 1000 blogs over the past three or four years.

I could do a movie review.

Except the last movie I saw, was such a disappointment. I was really looking forward to seeing Sex Tape with Camerson Diaz. The trailers were terrific. The movie was lousy.

Then there was a big hype about the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey coming out yesterday online. I’m sure I was one of millions who watched it. Pretty good trailer. But then at the end when it said, ‘Opening on Valentine’s Day 2015’, I was shocked. I’ve heard of building up anticipation for a movie but this is seven months in advance.

I guess this will be the Big Valentine movie date next year. I’m sure there will be lots of advertising ‘tie ins’. No pun intended.

No Internet

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It is so awful to be without the internet, even for an hour or two. The other day this happened to me. And then I got the following graph in an email and had to laugh. It was so true.

Although I have never actually been without food for a month or water for a week. And the longest I have gone without sleep is a never.


For something that wasn’t even around twenty years ago, we are addicted. During the hour or so my internet connection was down, I couldn’t check my email.

I also couldn’t send a Birthday card or look up a recipe. It is amazing how many times a day I refer to something on the internet. I couldn’t even write my blog.

Now my next big thing will be to decide on what kind of phone I want to get for my upgrade. I have always had an iPhone, and currently have iPhone5. I never got the 5s and now iPhone 6 will be coming out soon. But Amazon Fire looks good too, and that comes with a free year of Amazon Prime, which I have and like. They just extend your membership for a year more.

When I am ready for an upgrade next month, I’ll have to go into ATT and study all the new models. I just wish the battery life was longer on all these phones. I use a special case with a built in extra battery. This is a lifesaver in an airport or on an airplane.

I wonder how many other 76 year old widows are worrying about these things.

Self Tanning

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When I was growing up in Hawaii, every weekend I would go to the beach, lie in the sun and get a glorious tan. In those days, back in the 50’s, there was no such thing as sun block. We used Hawaiian Tropic, which was coconut oil, or baby oil. So we got fried.

It wasn’t until the late 60’s that PABA was ‘invented’. It was by prescription and if you ever got it near your eyes, Ouch. This was a sun block with the consistency of water.

Many years later, the folly of too much sun and no protection meant skin cancer and lots of ugly sun spots. No more sun for me. I looked very pale. I tried a few different products that were supposed to give you a tan. The best was Bain de Soleil, which was a gelee tanning gel that immediately made you look tanner. It was a nice glow, but it didn’t last.

I decided to try the self tanning one more time. Last time I used a product that was orange and streaky. I was told that the only way to go is with St. Tropez mousse. Goes on like liquid fluff. No orange and no streaking. It also seems to last several days and just gradually fades.Photo on 7-23-14 at 7.54 AM #2 The four ounce size is $32, but the eight ounce size is $42. No brainer. Right now Sephora has a good ‘sale’ special on St. Tropez self tanning kit with the 6.7 oz  spray, a mitt, and a small ‘gold’ lotion for highlights. This is a $64 value and is on sale for $15.60. The spray alone is $35.

Should be easier to do my back. Now I have to squirt the mousse on the smooth side of my back brush and spread it around.s1502301-main-grid I got two. Sephora also has a good gift with purchase every day. Today it was a seven day supply of 28 samples of Ole Henrikson LIttle Wonders day cream, night cream and serum. I plan to use this the week I am ‘on vacation’ in California. This is a good product that I have used before. The smell is wonderful and your face looks nice and smooth after a few days of this regimen.



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