Game 6

I love watching professional sports on TV. It’s a shame we don’t have any professional teams in Hawaii. Just high school and college. Probably not too many 75 year old widows who are glued to the set during the entire NBA finals.

Today’s game Six was probably the most exciting game I have ever seen. The crowd in Miami really got their money’s worth.

This was the must win game for Miami, or the championship was gone. Their win today forced game 7 on Thursday but it was quite a battle. At one point the San Antonio Spurs were 13 points ahead. Then up came the Heat and Le Bron James. He was remarkable in the fourth quarter with 16 points. (32 for the game)

After tying the game in the last five seconds, Miami had a five minute overtime to make that a win. The five minutes went back and forth, with each team up and down a couple of times. The final score with Miami winning was 103-100.

As I was rooting for the Heat all the way, this was a sweet win. Now I can’t wait for the final of the Finals on Thursday June 20. The game is being played in Miami at 9 p.m. That means it will be on here in Hawaii at 3 in the afternoon. Go Heat!



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