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Lots of new words in the dictionary. Hashtag. Selfie, .com. Since Facebook and social media have made it popular to post every mundane thing going on in one’s life, the whole social interaction thing has changed.

When I was in high school and college, the only way to connect with someone was in person or on the phone. And as most families only had one phone line, and mother could listen in from another room, it wasn’t all that private.

Now that children have their own phones and know how to text with their thumbs by the time they are six, things have changed.

Last night I had dinner at the Olive Tree, a Greek restaurant. At the next table were four children ranging in age from three to five. One set of twins. Each child has his own phone. (my children would not have had their own phones, much less eaten Greek food when they were that age.)

When I was sixteen, I got my own Princess phone. It was blue and it lit up when it rang. I even had a separate line from my parents and I could talk in privacy and for hours.

I’ve only had a cell phone since I was sixty six and I still don’t know how to text with my thumbs. Oh, well, lots of seniors don’t even know how to use a computer.

Now that I have the new iPhone6, I am wondering what wonderful new features will be on iPhone 7.



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As I was recycling (more later) a greeting card and putting it in a new envelope, I got to thinking about how I usually send a card to someone I love.

I purchase a pack of pretty envelopes in various colors. Usually there are enough in one pack to last a year. And I send a lot of cards. Plus I use e-cards.

I also buy sheets of pretty, interesting postage stamps. And I have lots of return address labels from all the charities that send me these.

First select the card you are going to use. I use recycled cards (or fronts of cards) when I can. I save greeting cards that family and friends have sent me and usually I can find the perfect card.

Just be sure not to send it back to the person who sent it to you. Now, If you can somehow cut around the signature and salutation, great. If not, you may have to just use the front of card and tape it to a piece of card stock the same size. Or just glue the sentiment on the back of the front.

Sometimes I write my own sentiment/personal poem or such and print it out on the computer/printer and glue this over the entire inside. You are allowed to change the occasion, if necessary. For example, a beautiful card with a floral on the front could be birthday or ????

You can type up a personal greeting and paste it over whatever is there. Such as ‘Happy 24th Birthday’. Or, ‘Get well soon, John, Mary and Susie are getting tired of making their own dinner’

Back to the envelope. I always try to coordinate the envelope, stamp, and label as to colors or theme. If this seems silly, just think how pleased you would be to receive a bright yellow envelope with a circus stamp and yellow/cancer address label.

No chance of a plain white envelope with a flag stamp bringing a smile to your face.Photo on 9-29-14 at 9.15 AM

Gone with the Wind 75th Anniversary

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My how time flies. Seems like just yesterday. GWTW is almost as old as I am. One year younger. I have read the book and seen the movie many times. When I was in Atlanta twenty years ago, I went to one of the GWTW shops and bought a stand up Scarlett and Rhett cutout, which I still have on my curio shelf.

In the photo they look huge, but really are ‘paper dolls’  12 inches tall.

Photo on 9-29-14 at 10.31 AMThere are screenings in theaters or you can buy the DVD Blu Ray. I think it is better viewed on a large screen. To get the full scope.

Yesterday I went to the first (2 pm) screening here at the Dole Cannery theater. It always brings back memories when I go there. When I was a little girl we used to go to the real Dole Pineapple Cannery and get fresh pineapple juice.

The theater was quite full. I would say about 3/4. $12.50 for the ticket and well worth it. It is over a four hour movie, with Intermission. The coming attractions showed all the ‘live’ performances of events you can now see in a theater near you. Everything from the Metropolitan Opera to the Bolshoi Ballet. Hmmm. (I have actually been to the real Bolshoi ballet).

I doubt that you could buy tickets to the Ballet or the Opera for $12.50 (with free parking).

GWTW is a wonderful story of the South and the period of slavery and the end of slavery including of course the Civil War. A little gory at times, as it does show the wounded soldiers dealing with no bandages, medicine, or chloroform as they faced amputation and worse. But it is the love story for all times. And the hats are amazing.

This was the first color movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. This was 1939. It won a total of ten Academy Awards that year.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a special addition of a rather long quiz about Gone with the Wind facts. Most of which I knew, as I am a huge fan of Scarlett and Rhet. But what I didn’t know, is that Hattie McDaniel, who plays Mammy, won an Oscar for best supporting actress, but she wasn’t invited to the premier because she was black. (She was the first Afro American to win an Oscar.)

Many black people boycotted the film, as it portrayed most of the slaves as a happy lot.

I also read somewhere that in 1939 the United States population was 132 million and 56 million planned to see this movie. I expected the audience to be ‘older’ folks, but it was a total mix of ages and genders. It is a great way to teach your mid school child US history, so they can better understand the Civil War.

And if you want to get really thrilled, just watch that famous Clark Gable kiss.search

The movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ opens February 15, 2015 and I wonder if it will be around 75 years from now. Or any movie of this century so far?

Memory Trick

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One of the best tricks for remembering up to ten items is so easy and fun, I thought I would share it with my Readers.

I have been using this for many years and it always amazes people when you perform for them.

First of all, your mind works very similarly to a computer. Images are much more easily remembered than random numbers. So you will now assign a picture to numbers one to ten. Easy, because the pictures look like the number. One is a magic wand, two is a swan, three is a three leaf clover, four is a chair, five is a five point star, six is an elephant’s trunk, seven is a flag, eight is an hourglass, nine is a pipe, and ten is a bat and ball.

Now let’s say you want to go to the market and you need milk, bread, tea, vinegar, bananas, tomatoes, lettuce and coco cola. Of course you could write all this down or try to remember everything, but here is how I do it.

Number one is magic wand. So if milk is your first item, visualize the milk doing something with the magic wand. Such as a magician waving his magic wand over his hat and pulling out a carton of milk. The actual thought should be bizarre, but it will take a millisecond to do this. Less time than writing it down.

Now when you go to the store and think Number one, you will see the picture and remember Milk. Don’t worry, you can delete these images after you don’t need them anymore. Just like you can’t remember what the headline was on yesterday’s newspaper.

Two is swan. Visualize the swan swimming in a lake filled with loaves of bread floating around. And so on. Just incorporate the number/picture with your item.

Now for the fun part. Write down numbers one to ten on a paper. Have a friend read you ten items. You write each one down as you are thinking of a word/picture in your head. So as you are writing bananas next to the number four, you are imagining a bunch of bananas sitting on a chair.

When you are done, give your friend the list. She can give you any number, and you will know the item. Or she can give you any item and you will know the number.

Have fun. Amaze your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids. And yourself.

I did it!

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I got my iPhone6 today. I ordered it on Tuesday from ATT and it came by Fedex today (Thursday). The store here said they wouldn’t have any phones for two months.Photo on 9-25-14 at 4.43 PM

I amazed myself by setting it up, restoring my old phone to zero, and activating service.

I think it is a beautiful piece of equipment and I know I will enjoy using it. The box itself would make Steve Jobs very proud.

It is very thin and much larger than the iPhone5. (which was larger than the iPhone

As there are no instructions, I will have to go online to learn all the features.


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I wasn’t in any mad rush to get an iPhone6 until i found out that all the major carriers are giving you up to $200 credit if you trade in your old smartphone. $300 if it is a 5s. This promotion ends September 30.

So I got up bright and early to go to ATT and do this. I was the first one in the door at nine on the dot. No lines. Why? No phones. All sold out all over the island. In fact there won’t be any more until November 22.

But I wanted to trade my phone in by September 30. The man at ATT told me I could do this but I would be without a phone for two months.

I went home, got on the internet. Arranged for my trade in and purchased a new iPhone6 in gold. It will be delivered in 7-14 days. Then I can mail my ‘old’ phone in to get the store credit. This can be used to pay wireless bill or to purchase accessories.

There are many ways to purchase a phone from ATT. The retail price of the phone is $649. If you sign a two year contract, you can purchase the phone for $199. That is what I did with the iPhone5. Oh, plus $40 activation/upgrade fee. So really $239.

There is another plan called Next 12 or Next 18. With this plan there is no upfront cost, but you pay a monthly fee to ‘pay off the phone. For the iPhone6 Next 12 it is $32.50 a month plus your service charges. After twelve months, if you want to get a new phone, you just pick one out and roll over your payments.

I thought I’d try that plan for something new. Sort of like leasing a car, which I do, and I like that. I get bored with the same old, same old and if they invent a phone next year that will empty my dishwasher, I will be first in line.


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Have you ever heard of a muslin face cloth? Me neither. Then I was given an Eve Lom muslin face cloth. It is for washing your face and I can’t begin to tell you how terrific this product is. They sell the cleanser set at Neiman Marcus.

I first tried it with a free sample of their $97 a tube cleanser. When that ran out I switched back to what I was using before and it is the cloth.

However I must say that the cleanser is terrific and is voted the number one best cleanser in the world by whoever votes for those things.

I have used it every single day for six months and today I decided to order a fresh one, as I think it is losing it’s oomph.

It gently exfoliates and your skin feels alive after you rinse. You can purchase a pack of three on Amazon for $20. If you have Amazon Prime, that includes shipping.

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