I’m Back…Saturday July 20th

I didn’t post a blog for the past week or so, just didn’t. No excuse. But I am back now.

Today while drinking my coffee and reading the paper, I came upon an article that made me feel outrage.

It seems that a Norwegian woman was on a business trip to Dubai. She was an interior designer and was staying in a hotel.

She was just sentenced to 16 months in jail for having sex outside of marriage.

Here is what happened: She was sexually assaulted (raped) by a co worker who was at the same convention. She went screaming to the lobby, calling for the police to report this rape.

Hotel said, “Are you sure you want to involve the police?”

Anyway, she was charged with the crime of having sex outside of marriage, has been sent to jail for 16 months, however her appeal is scheduled for early September. Seems Islamic law is very evident even in modern cosmopolitan cities like Dubai.

Here is a case I will be following. However, if you are planning a weekend getaway with your married lover, you may want to rethink Dubai as a destination.


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