Skins for your Devices

Do you know what skins are? They are self stick decorations for yout iPhone, iPad or Kindle to make it personal and more fun to play with.

I have a Kindle Fire, which I love, but it is plain black and too masculine looking. I have been wishing for something more feminine. Voila!

Since I wrote this last year, I got a new Kindle (same size) and I just peeled the skin off my old one and put it on the new one.

I found a good site called DecalGirl, that sells skins for all your devices. Just select the item you want to decorate and there are many designs to choose from. You can ‘dress up’ your phone, tablet or whatever.

The choices are quite varied. I chose Raj, by French Bull.  There are lots of flower patterns. Many designs and polka dots.

There are even some very masculine looking ones, like a photo of a coyote amidst some rocks. And lots of other animal designs, perfect for a man or boy.

This is a great gift for that person that has ‘everything’. And all you have to do to attach it is peel and stick. (And it peels off with no residue).

You can attach and reattach it as many times as you like. Or switch around if you like variety.

Kindle Fire Skin Howling Coyotes

Your Price: $19.99


Dimitar Neshev

Be sure to check out all 6 pieces in their gallery.


by French Bull

High Gloss Finish. Our glossy clear finish that rivals the reflection of automotive paint or glass.
Matte/Satin Finish. Our smudge-proof, silky smooth finish that reduces glare & fingerprints.
Your Price: $19.99

The first ships for $2.60, add a second for just $0.90 more!

Sample Skins

Check out how great this artwork looks on different device types!

  • iPhone 4 Skin - Raj
    Mobile Phones
  • Laptop Skin - Raj
    Laptops & Netbooks


  • Kindle Fire Skin - Raj

More by French Bull
Be sure to check out all 11 pieces in their gallery.

  • Marble Bright Marble Bright
  • Raj Raj…This is the one I chose. It was a tough decision. I ordered it in matte finish as it said this would not show fingerprints.
  • Multidot Multidot
  • Mosaic Mosaic

The skins come in glossy and matte/satin finish. Your choice. The Kindle one I ordered was $19.99. There is an automatic 10% discount at check out. Shipping was only $2.60, a real bargain for Hawaii shipping. (and second skin ships for only $.90 more.)

So for about $20.59 total, I will have a ‘one of a kind’ Kindle and a real conversation piece. Great on an airplane or waiting around at the airport.

I ordered a flower pattern and I did think of ‘jeweling’ it, but it would probably take about $300 worth of Swaroski crystals, so that thought got shelved.

Plus for $20 each, I could have a little variety of covers when I get bored with the flower one, I ordered. But who knows? I may not. To me a plain black Kindle is boring.

I bet when the new models come out, they will be available in various colors. It certainly couldn’t cost them any more to make this item in red, white or blue. And how about orange or purple?


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