Happy New Year


Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel more like writing a blog than I do today. However tomorrow is the Rose Bowl Stanford/Michigan. Go Stanford.

I remember the Rose Bowl in 1956. I was a freshman at UCLA. It was UCLA/Michigan. We lost, but the Michigan marching band was so great, I can still remember it. Evidently it is one of the top marching bands in the country. It is a Jazz band.

I have zero plans for New Year’s Eve, however I decided to throw myself a New Year’s Eve Party. So far, I have made the crepes for Crepes Suzettes and I have a small bottle of Moet champagne. All my favorite music and a bubble bath. Candles and incense, of course.

I only drink French champagne and making crepes just for me, means I get to have twice as many. I did a test batch this morning for breakfast. Yummy.

I just got a funny advice email and being in a gullible mood decided to try this. I will pass it on and see if it worked better for you than it did for me.

To peel a whole head of garlic in less than a minute. Press down on top of head to loosen the cloves. Put in small metal bowl, top with another metal bowl to form a sphere. Now shake vigorously for about thirty seconds. What is supposed to happen is that all the cloves will be separate from all the skins.

In my case, a few cloves got peeled and a few were easy to just pluck off the skins. A few…nothing. Maybe my bowls weren’t right, or maybe I didn’t shake long or vigorously enough. Worth a try. Very handy to have peeled garlic cloves on hand. Can always put in some olive oil to give it flavor. I usually chop up a few and put in bottle.

Just remember, and don’t use this oil in a cake.

Happy New Year. And my favorite saying, “Health, Wealth and Love, and time to enjoy it.”


2013 in review

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