Good News

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This just in:

The American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease.

So if you don’t want to go to work, you can call in fat.


Back from Las Vegas

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I’m still not unpacked and here it is Thursday already. Got home late Tuesday night. I am almost caught up on my sleep.

Only a three hour time change, but it still bothers me. I have some nifty little pills called No Jet Lag. You get them at the health food store. Take one at take off and then another every two hours and you aren’t supposed to get jet lag.

I did this religiously on the way to Vegas, and it was just like the package said. Coming home I forgot after the first one and so I got jet lag.

I remember when it took ten hours to fly to Los Angeles. Now it takes five and a half to fly to Vegas. Whee.

In the olden days, going to the mainland on an airplane meant wearing a special outfit. Today it’s just shorts and sneakers for almost everyone.

We really lucked out with the weather. It was only 95-100 degrees, whereas next weekend it is supposed to be 114-117.

I’ll try to write a more thrilling blog tomorrow. Today I am still so sleepy, my mind is not working as usual.

Some Great Ideas

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I’m going on vacation today and I wanted to leave my Dear Readers with something fun to think about while I am gone. Will be home next week, and should pick up my blog around Wednesday June 26 or Thursday June 27.

In the meantime, if  you miss me, I have written over 900 blogs. You can always go back to two or three years ago, and see what you missed.

Untitled copy 3UntitledUntitled copyUntitled copy 2Untitled copy 5On this last one, you can cover the entire container with cute fabric or paper, if you want to get fancy. Just put rubber cement in strategic places to keep the fabric smooth. Or give a light coat of Elmer’ glue spread all over the sides. Sort of like decoupage and gift wrapping combined.

Or not.

Amazing Technology

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OK> Here is something that will ‘blow your socks off’. Just go to, type in the address slowly of yours or any address in the world.

You will be amazed. Plus this is sooooo fast. Better than Google earth. Enjoy

Good Tip

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This is going to be a very short blog. I am not feeling creative today.

My biggest activity today was making some macaroni and cheese for dinner and cutting up some bananas and putting the chunks in the freezer. This is what I use for the banana ‘ice cream’ and to put in smoothies.

OK> Here is the good tip: If you peel the bananas from the bottom to the top, there will not be any strings.

Short and sweet.

Game 6

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Today I forgot to write a blog. I was busy watching game 6 of the NBA finals. How many 75  year old widows are glued to the TV screen for three hours watching professional basketball?

The Miami fans really got their money’s worth today. After seeing their team go back and forth for a point or two, suddenly the Spurs were 13 points ahead.

There was lots of action and many of the players from both teams were crashing into one another and on the floor. I think these guys are going to be pretty sore tomorrow.

Miracle of miracle, Le Bron James and the Heat really turned on the heat in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 95-95. That meant it had to go into overtime.

This was a must win for Miami, in order to force game 7 of the Finals on Thursday. More back and forth with the score inching up to 100-101. More excitement and the final: Miami 103, Spurs 101.

I can’t wait for game 7. It will be played in Miami at 9 p. m., which means here in Hawaii at 3 in the afternoon. Good the games are two days apart. I would never get anything done around here. Go Heat!

Going to Vegas

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Friday I am flying to Las Vegas. This is my very favorite place to go for vacation. Just four or five days and it is always perfect.

How could a place that has great restaurants, shopping and gambling, not be. And of course the shows.

I was just there for my 75th birthday in March. That was a swanky trip, staying at Paris, Las Vegas. This one will be more low key.

I am taking a Vacations Hawaii charter package. If you never have done this, it is a very economical fun way to go to Las Vegas. For one price, you get round trip airfare on Omni airlines, your hotel room and two or three meals a day. (depending on the hotel you choose).

A large tour bus takes you to the hotel when you land and back to the airport when you leave. Your luggage is delivered to your room and also picked up. Very hassle free.

There are four hotel choices. Three are downtown including the California. I usually stay at the Orleans, as it is ‘near the strip’ but not on it.

I like the restaurants at the Orleans. There is Big Al’s Oyster Bar, The Loft for Prime Rib and Canal Street for fine dining. Then there is a good coffee shop that also has Chinese food.

Fridays and Subway are two places that are good for lunch, and of course the Market Buffet, which is included twice a day.

Going to Vegas used to be a bargain vacation. Not any more. It is not unusual for rooms to cost between $200 and $300 a night and dinner can easily run $50-$150 a person.

So when the Vacations Hawaii package is $799 including airfare,  hotel, meals and transfers for a five day vacations, that is pretty good.

There is also a person in charge of each group, so if you have any special needs or concerns, there is someone to call.

My best friend lives in Las Vegas, and she has been keeping me posted with weather reports. Of course I can get daily reports right on my phone. Today was only 100 degrees, but it is predicted that it will be 105 by the weekend.

I don’t plan on spending much time outside.

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