How neat is this?

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I just discovered a great time saver. Two, actually.

I was about half full on my printer’s ink supply, so I decided to order a back up pack from Office Depot. As the pack I ordered was over $50, they give free next day delivery. How nice is that? I didn’t have to drive there, find a parking place, stand in line, drive home. (Plus I used my $10 coupon, which came in the mail).

A real actual person phoned to ask if I was home and could he come by in five minutes to deliver my order. I tipped him for his good service.

I saw an ad for USPS, where they deliver boxes, pick up mail and you can order postage online and print the labels on your printer.

It was pretty easy. I already had some boxes. I printed up a medium and a large size box label. I think it was a dollar or so less than at the actual post office. One was $11 something and the other one was $15 something. All together $26 something.

Glued these on the boxes and gave them to the mailman, along with a scan sheet to prove that I was only using this postage once. I guess someone figured out that you could print hundreds of labels.

Anything to avoid going to the post office in November or December. Not to mention parking at the shopping center, which is undergoing renovation and thus missing about 2000 parking places.


Been Gone Awhile


I have a good excuse for not blogging since the end of October. I went on vacation to visit each of my daughters and grandchildren in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All was fine until I got to Las Vegas, my last stop. After a steady week of eating out almost every meal, not watching my salt intake at all, I polished off ribs and such, topped with my favorite hot fudge sundae.

The next day, I had congestive heart failure while alone in my hotel room. I called the front desk and immediately security arrived with oxygen. Then four gorgeous firemen/paramedics came. I perked up enough to pop some nitro under my tongue.

Then a quick ride to the emergency room followed by three days in the hospital. This was Wednesday. On Friday was my scheduled flight home.

As I wasn’t released till Saturday, and was now on 24/7 oxygen, my new flight involved lugging an airline approved portable oxygen machine, which ran on rechargeable batteries.

All I can say is that is sure felt great to get back home and into my own bed. Now I really have to watch sodium/salt intake to prevent this from happening again.

My cardiologist said the easiest way to check to see if an item is OK to eat is to read the calorie and sodium lines on the nutrition labels. The ratio should not be over 2-1. Example. If calories are 300 and sodium is 150mg. or less, that is OK. If calories are 300 and sodium is 600mg., that is not OK.

Reasoning behind this is to keep calories to around 1500-2000 and sodium to around 2000-3000mg. The more salt you eat, the more fluid you retain (water) and this makes it hard on the heart to pump the extra fluid.

Anyway, I am OK for now. Like a cat, I must have nine lives. In the past two years, I have used up four of them.(heart attack, open heart surgery, and two episodes of heart failure.

Now to figure out how to make Thanksgiving dinner with no salt.  (Thank God for Mrs. Dash garlic/herb blend.)