How do you eat a cupcake?

How do you eat a cupcake? Now here is something I never gave much thought to. But I recently took a personality quiz and this was actually a question on the list.

Most of the questions concerned feelings and beliefs. Such as Are You a Democrat or a Republican? or Did children pick on you in school?

Then there were the questions about opinions and attitudes. Such as Are you offended by racist jokes? or Would you date a person who is really messy?

I can see that type of question, but ‘How do you eat a cupcake’? What could be the Right answer?

Here were the choices: 1. Frosting first, 2. cake first, 3. don’t really know how I eat a cupcake. And then, this is somewhat important, very important, or mandatory.

Imagine meeting the man or woman of your dreams and finding out that you failed because you were a frosting first kind of guy or gal?

And what is the correct answer? I figure number three is safe.

However I do know how to eat an Oreo. “Well to do it, you unscrew it. Very Fast. ‘Cause the Kid’ll eat the middle of an Oreo first, and save the chocolate cookie outside for last”.


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