Memory Trick

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One of the best tricks for remembering up to ten items is so easy and fun, I thought I would share it with my Readers.

I have been using this for many years and it always amazes people when you perform for them.

First of all, your mind works very similarly to a computer. Images are much more easily remembered than random numbers. So you will now assign a picture to numbers one to ten. Easy, because the pictures look like the number. One is a magic wand, two is a swan, three is a three leaf clover, four is a chair, five is a five point star, six is an elephant’s trunk, seven is a flag, eight is an hourglass, nine is a pipe, and ten is a bat and ball.

Now let’s say you want to go to the market and you need milk, bread, tea, vinegar, bananas, tomatoes, lettuce and coco cola. Of course you could write all this down or try to remember everything, but here is how I do it.

Number one is magic wand. So if milk is your first item, visualize the milk doing something with the magic wand. Such as a magician waving his magic wand over his hat and pulling out a carton of milk. The actual thought should be bizarre, but it will take a millisecond to do this. Less time than writing it down.

Now when you go to the store and think Number one, you will see the picture and remember Milk. Don’t worry, you can delete these images after you don’t need them anymore. Just like you can’t remember what the headline was on yesterday’s newspaper.

Two is swan. Visualize the swan swimming in a lake filled with loaves of bread floating around. And so on. Just incorporate the number/picture with your item.

Now for the fun part. Write down numbers one to ten on a paper. Have a friend read you ten items. You write each one down as you are thinking of a word/picture in your head. So as you are writing bananas next to the number four, you are imagining a bunch of bananas sitting on a chair.

When you are done, give your friend the list. She can give you any number, and you will know the item. Or she can give you any item and you will know the number.

Have fun. Amaze your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids. And yourself.


Nutri Bullet

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After reading all the hype, I finally broke down and got a Nutri Bullet. On TV you get two for $119 plus s and h. At Costco you get one for $69.95.

Forgetting all their miriad health claims, it is a very powerful little machine with very easy on/off parts. Plus it is very easy to clean. It is not too huge and is a nice dull gunmetal color. The mixing cups have handles that just twist, on so you can drink from the same cup you mixed your drink in.

If you have ever cleaned a juicer, it is nothing like that. Just a rinse is all you need.

This machine is called an extractor, not a blender or smoothie maker. It actually grinds up the skin/seeds etc. and you get all the nutrients. Usually the most healthy parts of the fruits and veggies go down the drain or into the trash.

What got me was the picture of 1/8 cup of flax seed (which this machine pulverizes with all the fruits and vegetables). Anyway this little bit has more antioxidants than 60 cups of brocolli or 100 slices of whole wheat bread. You do the math.

So today I went to Good Earth, a health food market near the University of Hawaii. The people there all looked very healthy. Sort of old hippie types. I bought two each of spinach, kale, apples, strawberries etc. $60. Ans of course the flax seed, which comes all ground up like meal.

Woman said I could sprinkle it on my cereal. To test out my new Nutri Bullet, I ignored their book of recipes and decided to try a kale and red grape mixture. Yuck. It tasted exactly like wet lawn.

Next time I will start with two leaves of Kale and a bigger variety of fruit Plus the addition of honey or maple syrup couldn’t hurt.


I did it!

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I got my iPhone6 today. I ordered it on Tuesday from ATT and it came by Fedex today (Thursday). The store here said they wouldn’t have any phones for two months.Photo on 9-25-14 at 4.43 PM

I amazed myself by setting it up, restoring my old phone to zero, and activating service.

I think it is a beautiful piece of equipment and I know I will enjoy using it. The box itself would make Steve Jobs very proud.

It is very thin and much larger than the iPhone5. (which was larger than the iPhone

As there are no instructions, I will have to go online to learn all the features.


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I wasn’t in any mad rush to get an iPhone6 until i found out that all the major carriers are giving you up to $200 credit if you trade in your old smartphone. $300 if it is a 5s. This promotion ends September 30.

So I got up bright and early to go to ATT and do this. I was the first one in the door at nine on the dot. No lines. Why? No phones. All sold out all over the island. In fact there won’t be any more until November 22.

But I wanted to trade my phone in by September 30. The man at ATT told me I could do this but I would be without a phone for two months.

I went home, got on the internet. Arranged for my trade in and purchased a new iPhone6 in gold. It will be delivered in 7-14 days. Then I can mail my ‘old’ phone in to get the store credit. This can be used to pay wireless bill or to purchase accessories.

There are many ways to purchase a phone from ATT. The retail price of the phone is $649. If you sign a two year contract, you can purchase the phone for $199. That is what I did with the iPhone5. Oh, plus $40 activation/upgrade fee. So really $239.

There is another plan called Next 12 or Next 18. With this plan there is no upfront cost, but you pay a monthly fee to ‘pay off the phone. For the iPhone6 Next 12 it is $32.50 a month plus your service charges. After twelve months, if you want to get a new phone, you just pick one out and roll over your payments.

I thought I’d try that plan for something new. Sort of like leasing a car, which I do, and I like that. I get bored with the same old, same old and if they invent a phone next year that will empty my dishwasher, I will be first in line.


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Have you ever heard of a muslin face cloth? Me neither. Then I was given an Eve Lom muslin face cloth. It is for washing your face and I can’t begin to tell you how terrific this product is. They sell the cleanser set at Neiman Marcus.

I first tried it with a free sample of their $97 a tube cleanser. When that ran out I switched back to what I was using before and it is the cloth.

However I must say that the cleanser is terrific and is voted the number one best cleanser in the world by whoever votes for those things.

I have used it every single day for six months and today I decided to order a fresh one, as I think it is losing it’s oomph.

It gently exfoliates and your skin feels alive after you rinse. You can purchase a pack of three on Amazon for $20. If you have Amazon Prime, that includes shipping.

Why didn’t I think of That?

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Just when you think everything has been invented, boom. Now Golden Grain has come up with spaghetti that fits your pot. And they do point out that it is still a one pound box, just a different shape.

It took a thousand years for someone to figure this one out.

I wonder if they will offer both sizes for the purist who doesn’t break his spaghetti. A very nice feature for that solitary person who has but one small saucepan.

And neither size appeals to me, as I haven’t had pasta in a while, since I’m trying to be more gluten free. I tried gluten free pasta, yuck. And I hear there are tofu/soy noodles, double yuck.

And just when I am wondering what to write about today, some great news or discovery triggers my creative impulses.

Now I am wondering about the scope of this move. I imagine the Golden Grain spaghetti factory would have to retool and would require all new packaging. The paper box maker would have to come up with a whole new packaging/size, and as other brands will follow, I am sure, the box maker will probably get very rich.

Photo on 9-21-14 at 11.12 AM

Frozen Hot Chocolate

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I always thought People magazine was something to read in the beauty parlor, but when I got a gift subscription and started reading it regularly once a week, I realized it was much much more.

I have learned about books and movies and events that I would never in a million years have known about. But this issue, the one with the Big Bang folks on the cover, had something really fun.

There is a famous restaurant in New York City that has been serving great desserts since 1954. Their most well known one is called Frozen Hot Chocolate. I had actually heard of this, but didn’t know you could make it at home.

Here is the recipe, thanks to the last page of People Magazine under heading called Great Ideas.

1/3 cup dry evap. milk (I used Coffeemate)

1/3 cup sugar

4 T cocoa (not sweeteneed)  mix together in bowl. In blender put one cup milk, dry mix and three cups of crushed ice. Blend for about thirty seconds.

Serves 2 or 3

Pour into bowl, top with whip cream and chocolate shavings and serve with a spoon. Careful. It is very, very cold and will freeze your brain.

p.s. this is similar to a Wendy’s Frostee. But there is no Wendy’s in Honolulu. And this probably doesn’t have anything too terrible in it. (sugar)

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