Ten years ago I moved to Mexico and rented a beautiful furnished condo on the water. It was quite complete, but there were no clocks. As shopping was limited in Rosarita Beach, I went to the 11 peso store, which is like our dollar store.

There I found two clocks, one round and one square, and both in a very pale tourquoise. That was it. For ten years I have used these clocks and today I decided that as I never liked the color, it was time to fix that.

I was inspired by my favorite designer MacKenzie Childs. All her dishes and accessories are hand painted, so I figured that with a few nail polish colors, I could transform my mundane clocks into little works of art.

Unfortunately I painted the square one before I thought to take a before photo. However it was pale tourquoise. Now the sides are purple and the top and bottom are dark blue. You can see the original color around the inside edge.

Nail polish covers a multitude of sins and is very easy to apply to plastic.

Here is the ‘new’ clock.Photo on 10-4-14 at 10.46 AM

Here is a photo of the round clock in its before mode. Boring.Photo on 10-4-14 at 10.43 AM

But not now. It is not perfect, but sure looks like a lot more fun than before. I used these colors because that is what I had on hand. Here is a craft tip, paint the inside edge (purple ring around clock) first. You can hide your mistakes with the stripes. Also keep a nail polish remover soaked cotton pad and some cotton swabs on hand for cleanup. You and clock.

Photo on 10-4-14 at 12.00 PM