As I was recycling (more later) a greeting card and putting it in a new envelope, I got to thinking about how I usually send a card to someone I love.

I purchase a pack of pretty envelopes in various colors. Usually there are enough in one pack to last a year. And I send a lot of cards. Plus I use e-cards.

I also buy sheets of pretty, interesting postage stamps. And I have lots of return address labels from all the charities that send me these.

First select the card you are going to use. I use recycled cards (or fronts of cards) when I can. I save greeting cards that family and friends have sent me and usually I can find the perfect card.

Just be sure not to send it back to the person who sent it to you. Now, If you can somehow cut around the signature and salutation, great. If not, you may have to just use the front of card and tape it to a piece of card stock the same size. Or just glue the sentiment on the back of the front.

Sometimes I write my own sentiment/personal poem or such and print it out on the computer/printer and glue this over the entire inside. You are allowed to change the occasion, if necessary. For example, a beautiful card with a floral on the front could be birthday or ????

You can type up a personal greeting and paste it over whatever is there. Such as ‘Happy 24th Birthday’. Or, ‘Get well soon, John, Mary and Susie are getting tired of making their own dinner’

Back to the envelope. I always try to coordinate the envelope, stamp, and label as to colors or theme. If this seems silly, just think how pleased you would be to receive a bright yellow envelope with a circus stamp and yellow/cancer address label.

No chance of a plain white envelope with a flag stamp bringing a smile to your face.Photo on 9-29-14 at 9.15 AM