After reading all the hype, I finally broke down and got a Nutri Bullet. On TV you get two for $119 plus s and h. At Costco you get one for $69.95.

Forgetting all their miriad health claims, it is a very powerful little machine with very easy on/off parts. Plus it is very easy to clean. It is not too huge and is a nice dull gunmetal color. The mixing cups have handles that just twist, on so you can drink from the same cup you mixed your drink in.

If you have ever cleaned a juicer, it is nothing like that. Just a rinse is all you need.

This machine is called an extractor, not a blender or smoothie maker. It actually grinds up the skin/seeds etc. and you get all the nutrients. Usually the most healthy parts of the fruits and veggies go down the drain or into the trash.

What got me was the picture of 1/8 cup of flax seed (which this machine pulverizes with all the fruits and vegetables). Anyway this little bit has more antioxidants than 60 cups of brocolli or 100 slices of whole wheat bread. You do the math.

So today I went to Good Earth, a health food market near the University of Hawaii. The people there all looked very healthy. Sort of old hippie types. I bought two each of spinach, kale, apples, strawberries etc. $60. Ans of course the flax seed, which comes all ground up like meal.

Woman said I could sprinkle it on my cereal. To test out my new Nutri Bullet, I ignored their book of recipes and decided to try a kale and red grape mixture. Yuck. It tasted exactly like wet lawn.

Next time I will start with two leaves of Kale and a bigger variety of fruit Plus the addition of honey or maple syrup couldn’t hurt.