One of the best tricks for remembering up to ten items is so easy and fun, I thought I would share it with my Readers.

I have been using this for many years and it always amazes people when you perform for them.

First of all, your mind works very similarly to a computer. Images are much more easily remembered than random numbers. So you will now assign a picture to numbers one to ten. Easy, because the pictures look like the number. One is a magic wand, two is a swan, three is a three leaf clover, four is a chair, five is a five point star, six is an elephant’s trunk, seven is a flag, eight is an hourglass, nine is a pipe, and ten is a bat and ball.

Now let’s say you want to go to the market and you need milk, bread, tea, vinegar, bananas, tomatoes, lettuce and coco cola. Of course you could write all this down or try to remember everything, but here is how I do it.

Number one is magic wand. So if milk is your first item, visualize the milk doing something with the magic wand. Such as a magician waving his magic wand over his hat and pulling out a carton of milk. The actual thought should be bizarre, but it will take a millisecond to do this. Less time than writing it down.

Now when you go to the store and think Number one, you will see the picture and remember Milk. Don’t worry, you can delete these images after you don’t need them anymore. Just like you can’t remember what the headline was on yesterday’s newspaper.

Two is swan. Visualize the swan swimming in a lake filled with loaves of bread floating around. And so on. Just incorporate the number/picture with your item.

Now for the fun part. Write down numbers one to ten on a paper. Have a friend read you ten items. You write each one down as you are thinking of a word/picture in your head. So as you are writing bananas next to the number four, you are imagining a bunch of bananas sitting on a chair.

When you are done, give your friend the list. She can give you any number, and you will know the item. Or she can give you any item and you will know the number.

Have fun. Amaze your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids. And yourself.