I wasn’t in any mad rush to get an iPhone6 until i found out that all the major carriers are giving you up to $200 credit if you trade in your old smartphone. $300 if it is a 5s. This promotion ends September 30.

So I got up bright and early to go to ATT and do this. I was the first one in the door at nine on the dot. No lines. Why? No phones. All sold out all over the island. In fact there won’t be any more until November 22.

But I wanted to trade my phone in by September 30. The man at ATT told me I could do this but I would be without a phone for two months.

I went home, got on the internet. Arranged for my trade in and purchased a new iPhone6 in gold. It will be delivered in 7-14 days. Then I can mail my ‘old’ phone in to get the store credit. This can be used to pay wireless bill or to purchase accessories.

There are many ways to purchase a phone from ATT. The retail price of the phone is $649. If you sign a two year contract, you can purchase the phone for $199. That is what I did with the iPhone5. Oh, plus $40 activation/upgrade fee. So really $239.

There is another plan called Next 12 or Next 18. With this plan there is no upfront cost, but you pay a monthly fee to ‘pay off the phone. For the iPhone6 Next 12 it is $32.50 a month plus your service charges. After twelve months, if you want to get a new phone, you just pick one out and roll over your payments.

I thought I’d try that plan for something new. Sort of like leasing a car, which I do, and I like that. I get bored with the same old, same old and if they invent a phone next year that will empty my dishwasher, I will be first in line.