Have you ever heard of a muslin face cloth? Me neither. Then I was given an Eve Lom muslin face cloth. It is for washing your face and I can’t begin to tell you how terrific this product is. They sell the cleanser set at Neiman Marcus.

I first tried it with a free sample of their $97 a tube cleanser. When that ran out I switched back to what I was using before and it is the cloth.

However I must say that the cleanser is terrific and is voted the number one best cleanser in the world by whoever votes for those things.

I have used it every single day for six months and today I decided to order a fresh one, as I think it is losing it’s oomph.

It gently exfoliates and your skin feels alive after you rinse. You can purchase a pack of three on Amazon for $20. If you have Amazon Prime, that includes shipping.