Growing up in Hawaii, I loved the staple, macaroni salad. It was served, right along with rice in nearly every local restaurant.

All these years and you would think I would be an expert in how to make a good macaroni salad. I have tried many recipes over the years. Some with minced onion and celery. Some with a can of tuna mixed with the mayo.

But not until today did I find out the secret to great macaroni salad and I will share it with you Dear Readers.

This morning in the Star Advertiser was an article about a local eatery called Rainbow Drive Inn. It has been here forever and they are famous for their macaroni salad and brown gravy. They will not reveal their gravy recipe, but they did show their macaroni salad recipe.

Bring to a boil one and a half gallons of water. Add one pound of elbow macaroni. Boil for 30-35 (that’s right) minutes. Remove from heat and add three cups of cold water. Let stand for ten minutes. Then pour into a colander and rinse under cold water.

Now here is the unusual part. Let sit in colander for at least three hours to drain. Overnight in fridge is better. Mix 2 1/4 cups Best Foods mayonaise with one teas. salt and one/half teas. pepper. Stir into macaroni and chill for as long as possible. Overnight?

This makes a huge amount. I actually made a half recipe and it still fills up a huge tupperware bowl. Nice to take to a picnic or a bar b que. Enjoy.