Whenever I check out greeting cards at Hallmark or the drugstore, they cost around $4 each (plus a 50 cent stamp to mail it). If you go to a swanky store like Papyrus for a really beautiful card, the cost jumps to at least $6 a card.

I always keep a box of assorted Costco cards on hand. These are very nice embellished cards and you get about thirty for less than $20. That is a real bargain. And the cards are beautiful with matching envelopes. It is still fun to get something happy in the mail. Usually these days it is either a bill or a solicitation.

These cards are great to have on hand for kids birthdays, wedding, sympathy and baby cards. I don’t think any of these would be good to send in an email.

But for the easiest way to send cards, there are the card sites that will send eCards to your recipients. Instantly and no postage needed. You do have to pay an annual subscription fee, but at $16.99 a year, you could send 100 cards or more. 17 cents a card. If you sent 1000, that would be less than 2 cents a card.

Latest find is a site featuring animated Hawaiian greeting cards. LeiMation.com. These ‘paintings’ of ancient Hawaiian style hula and scenery are charming and fun to send to friends on the mainland.

This site also has eVites. So if you are having a Hawaiian themed party, these would be perfect. So if you are a subscriber and want to send the same item to 25 people at once, that is OK.

I had a reason to contact the above site by email, and their customer service is excellent. Immediate reply.

I also enjoy the Jacquie Lawson website, which is based in England.  These animated ‘cards’ are beautiful and set to music. Lots of room to personalize. Even Hallmark eCards sometimes have cute designs.

For totally free antique style cards, you can check out Victoria Trading Company.

As you can see, I send a lot of cards throughout the year. If you want to check out personalized Christmas cards using your own photo, check out Vistaprint for a terrific selection at very reasonable prices.