Just when I think there is nothing special to write about, something pops up. Today while cleaning out cupboards and drawers, I came upon a birthday card that says how great it was to be born in 1938.

Somebody sent it to me years ago, and I kept it. Here are a bunch of facts from that era:

The United States census found that one fifth of the population was unemployed.

Popular music was ‘A Tisket, a Tasket’ and ‘Jeepers Creepers

The Yankees beat the Cubs in the World Series

Now here are some very interesting prices:

Postage stamp   3 cents

Milk (one quart)  13 cents

Bread (one pound loaf)  9 cents

Gas (gallon) 19 cents

House  $6,145

Now don’t get too excited. The minimum wage was 25 cents.