I love to try new products. I am very up to date on all the latest finds in cosmetics. So when I heard about CC cream I had to try it. Luckily there was a ‘free’ sample in one of my makeup purchases from Sephora. When I put it on, I couldn’t believe it.

All the imperfections on my skin disappeared. I immediately looked this product up on Amazon to see if it were any cheaper than at Sephora. No, still $48 for a large tube. Light to medium or medium to tan. Both are OK. I would opt for the light to medium.

But wait, there is a complete kit at Amazon with all the CC products. $69 for a two month supply of four items. About an ounce of three things and half an ounce of the CC cream. You only need a dab.

If you want to try this without spending a dime, here is how you do it: Go into Sephora and ask for a free sample of the Peter Thomas Roth CC cream. The salesperson will make up a nice one week supply in a little plastic container. Ask for both shades, so you can see which one you prefer. (you can do this with any product at Sephora)

I wrote about this once before, but now that I have been actually using the product for a week this is what I have found.

Photo on left is without and on right is with.

Photo on 9-7-14 at 8.18 AM #2Photo on 9-7-14 at 8.17 AM

I got the complete kit and all the products are terrific. I especially love the serum, which is like liquid nothing, and the sleeping mask which just melts into your skin and disappears. In the morning, when you wash your face, it feels like silk.

Plus, if you have a boyfriend or husband that doesn’t like you in ‘night cream’, this doesn’t ‘show’ and has a great effect. I don’t have either a boyfriend or husband and I like it too.

And if you are wondering about my jawline/neck, I am 76 years old, and also use the Strivectin neck cream. By the way, I saw this item at Nordstrom’s Rack for half price. They had about fifty jars. I think because there is a new improved version called neck cream TL. Which I think stands for tightening and lift. I’m sure the ‘old’ formula works just fine.