When I was a little girl, we drank water out of a hose if we were outside. Inside we always had a big five gallon jug of Arrowhead drinking water in a special stand. It had a spigot and it kept the water quite cool.

Every week the Arrowhead man would come and take the empty bottle and put a new one on the stand.

Now there are water aisles in every grocery and drug store. I had a most delicious water while on a trip to San Francisco. It is called Hint. I loved the Hint of watermelon. So subtle, but the bottom line is that it is easier to drink a whole bottle of Hint than a whole bottle of plain water.

Nobody seems to carry it here in Honolulu. I did see it at Amazon for $26 for a case. It seems ridiculous to buy my water from Amazon, but I may break down one of these days.

In the meantime, I tried adding some watermelon juice to a glass of water. Just so so. Guess I could experiment with different flavors. Just a drop or two.