Yesterday I got an email from my amazing daughter. I simply had to share part of it with my readers. My youngest is 52 with two children 13 and 15. Hubby of 21 years is a lawyer and they have a very active social, family and religious life.

Besides all the normal mother stuff she does, she is an amazing volunteer and organizer for many good causes. She has instilled this in her children as well. Son is on his way to becoming an Eagle scout and daughter is also very active in scouting.

Plus she is an outstanding Girl Scout Leader, great hostess and very funny.

Last year my daughter had breast cancer, reconstruction and in January this year a hysterectomy. So far this year she has gone with her family to Washington DC in the Spring and London and Hawaii this past summer.

Here is the letter I got yesterday: ‘Just got home from Cami’s What to Expect Night at school. They shared the video that I worked on all summer and so far it has met with nice reviews. Phew! Next project. I know you and Jody (her sister) may think I am crazy, but this year I am working on Hillsborough Schools Foundation Communication (video, Annual Report, all correspondence, videos, programs and thank you notes); I am co-chairing the 8th grade activities (ski trip, Great America Trip, Washington DC Trip, Graduation Ceremony, Grad Party, Parent Reception, Rehearsal Luncheon and Memory Video.’

‘I have a large committee of people to help with each of these.’ (Knowing my daughter, she will do the bulk of everything).

Next paragraph tells about her activities with son’s school. She is the Burlingame High School Music Booster’s Secretary. head of the Teacher’s Holiday Luncheon and her last year as Girl Scout Leader. She has taken this group of 22 girls from Brownies to Girl Scouts for eight years and been honored as one of the top Girl Scout leaders in the country.

I am so proud of her, but if anyone reading this says, ‘I don’t have time for that’, think again. When you want something done, give it to a busy person. She did go on to say that she was asked to be the chairman of the Hillsborough Schools Auction and that I would be very happy to know that she said  “NO”.

p.s. Hillsborough Schools are rated number one in California and there are 200 teachers applying for every open position. This ‘neighborhood’ is very upscale, south of San Francisco. Parents have opted to send their children to ‘public’ school, but they raise millions each year to provide all the electives, art, music, theater etc. that are no longer offered in the regular schools.

The middle school even has it’s own TV station and students write and produce a daily news program that goes out to the community.