This isn’t exactly ‘crafts’, but did you know you can do lots of great things with nail polish besides polish nails?

If you have a little scratch on your car or bike, you may be able to find the perfect shade to match right in the Revlon aisle. There are so many nail polish shades now, including green, yellow, and all the metallics. Even navy blue and black.

And by the way, if you have lots of half bottles of nail polish sitting on a shelf, you can use these to decorate all sorts of things. You have a great waterproof enamel in lots of pretty colors. You could decorate a flower pot, or an old vase, or just look around you and see what needs sprucing up.

The other day I ‘painted’ a wish bone and it looks so cute sitting on my kitchen shelf. Another good idea is to use the nail polish to label things. I have several creams  in very similar brown jars with beige writing. Using a very bright shade, on  top in big letters, I drew in nail polish E for eye and N for night, D for day and so on. 

I am very lucky to have the gift of total recall when it comes to color. That means that when I was trying to find the exact silver to match my 2014 Nissan in the Revlon department, I got it on the first try.

I always took it for granted that I could Always find the perfect match for something, even if I was hundreds of miles away or hadn’t seen the original item for a long time. Now I realize it is a gift, and I have used it many times in my life. Buying fabrics in France, when my living room and couch were on the other side of the world. Matching wallpaper to paint and towels to rugs was always fun and easy.

Back in the 60″s, if you got a scratch on your car, you just slapped a decal of a daisy on it.


Before you attempt to fix a scratch, clean the area with nail polish remover. If the scratch is very thin, use a paintbrush rather than the brush that comes in the bottle of nail polish. You are better off doing two or three thin coats, than one thick coat. Let dry well between coats. When you can rub your finger over the scratch and not feel a dent, you are done.

I know the car companies sell a little vial of touch up paint for each model. This is in their parts department. If the $7 nail polish hadn’t worked just fine, that was going to be my next step.