Have you seen the new promotion for Walmart? It is called Savings Catcher. You simply enter the twenty digit number from your Walmart receipt along with the date and if there is a lower advertised price in your area on any of the items you purchased, Walmart will issue you a gift card in the amount of the difference.

Now isn’t that a sweet idea? Except it has a few kinks. Such as, I did this very carefully last week after shopping at Walmart to the tune of $84. I got a quick email reply saying that it would take two to three days to process this request. And they would get back to me.

I forgot all about it, and then on day five realized that I hadn’t ever heard back, one way or the other. So I tried to contact Walmart again. Uh oh, wrong department. I tried again, wrong department. Finally they sent me an 866 phone number.

I almost didn’t call, as I knew from experience that when the phone was answered I would get a ‘All our customer service representatives are assisting other callers, your call is very important to us…blah blah blah’. Sure enough.

Finally Debbie got on the line. After giving her my phone number, email, zip code, name and then explaining the problem, I was not in a very good mood. Then I read her the twenty digit number on the receipt.

She asked if I was using the phone app. I told her I was using my desktop. She did mention that as so many people were trying this out, they were somewhat backed up, and the phone app had some bugs.

Someone thought of this idea and it is probably a good idea, in theory. You get a credit slip for $1.94, have to go to Walmart to use it. Probably in a set period of time, such as a week. Now you are at the store and it is highly unlikely that you will not spend a whole lot more than $1.94.

She assured me she would expedite this and someone would get back to me in three to five days.

I can hardly wait.