Is it just me, or has buying a dozen eggs become very complicated? For most of my life I have purchased Large Island Eggs. 

The other choices were Medium Island Eggs and mainland eggs with a pink stamp on them.

Now there is Organic, natural, brown shells, raised without  pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, grass fed, free range and on and on. Same with chicken.

There is a whole system of raising chickens. The more humane and nice, the more per pound for the chicken and more also for their eggs.

One company even advertises that all their chickens have 108 square feet of space to roam around in. (I think a dozen of their eggs costs almost $8.)
And fresh air is a big factor in chicken happiness so they are ‘outside’ but the area is covered in netting.

There is an egg store here in Honolulu that is quite nice. It is called KaLei Eggs and is in Kaimuki on Wailae just before 12th Avenue. (You can park for free in back if you are less than twenty minutes).

Here they have more grades and sizes available. There is A and B grade. Small, medium, large and extra large. Eggs are sold in a flat of 30 and are probably fresher than the market. Sometimes they have blue eggs. One farmer here features those. Same taste.

Never fear, if you don’t understand all this, soon there will be an app for that.