Being that I am 76 and look younger, people are always asking me what I do. I do tons of things, such as lots of creams and facial products. Over the years I have tried many many different brands and types of skin care.

Of course cleansing and toning twice a day goes without saying, And now with the Clarisonic facial cleaning system, that too.

Now with the advent of serums and gels, there is a whole new bevy of beauty products. Modern technology has improved the science of skin care dramatically.

When I was a young girl it was Noxema and Clearasil. Ponds cold cream was just about it. And for hair it was Prell. The only conditioner I used until I was thirty five was vinegar in water. Now there are shampoo aisles in the drug store and if you want a face cream, there are whole departments for that.I shop at Sephora online and they are always sending me samples of new products.512VhQ9hB7L

I tried one today (Peter Thomas Roth CC cream skin corrector and sun screen)  and it was so terrific I am actually going to purchase this ASAP. The tube of 1.7 oz. is $48 at Sephora, but Amazon has the entire kit (with a .5 oz tube) at $70. There are four of the same line of products and since the CC cream is so terrific, the other three are probably good too. First photo below is me with no makeup/nothing. (Also before I lightened hair)

I tried the sample card of shades. The light to medium looked very good and provided nice coverage. No makeup necessary. But the medium to tan was better for me. I look healthier and more natural. I have on no other makeup at all.  This product is sort of an all in one with a very high Vitamin C factor. The fruit it is made out of has 30X more vitamin C than an orange.

So this is also a good treatment for skin and encourages collagen production.The first photo below is me with zero makeup or anything on my skin. Second photo is with application of a few dots of the CC cream blended in. The only other makeup I am ‘wearing’ is my permanent’ makeup. Tattoo eye brows, eye liner (top and bottom) and lips. As you can see, it is a much softer look and creases around mouth and eyes are blurred.Photo on 8-9-14 at 12.26 PMPhoto on 8-24-14 at 12.42 PM