Actually I did know that coconut oil was terrifc and I do use it in many ways. Of course it is the greatest oil to slather all over your body and face. I know you are supposed to do this after your bath, but I like to do this before. You have to be extra careful not to slip in the tub. Your skin will feel like silk.

Or, if you can figure out how to not get oil all over everything, you can do it after. Then towel off.

My favorite way to use coconut oil is to put a tablespoon of that plus a tablespoon of unsalted butter in my coffee. I put that in a small blender like a bullet and whir around. That cup will now be a cup and a half. It is delicious and all frothy. Best part, that can be your whole breakfast and you won’t be hungry at all.

It seems to rev up metabolism and help burn fat. You can buy this in any market and get a 16 oz. jar for about $10. Or Costco has a huge tub of it for around $25. I think it is about three pounds. (I forgot last time I went to Costco, and wound up having to buy some at Whole Foods)

So when I got an email about a healthier alternative to butter, I had to check it out. Coconut oil. Here is the whole article: Enjoy…

(Funny nobody mentioned that coconut oil is an excellent lubricant.)


Jan Whitaker, MD

Unprocessed virgin coconut oil consists mostly of lauric acid, a medium-chain triglyceride that confers several health benefits, including enhanced immune function, and does not pose any cardiovascular risk. Coconut Oil lends a unique flavor to sauteed foods, and it’s an excellent substitute for butter or margarine in baking.

Do you cook with coconut oil? Or use it for anything else?

    Sharon K Nordic I make homemade toothpaste with it!

    July 30 at 4:25pm

    Sharon K Nordic It becomes liquid at 76 degrees

    July 30 at 4:26pm

    Cathy Boyd Selby I use it as a moisturizer and I get so many compliments that my 60 year old skin looks so young. I give it to my bloodhound, Duke, who has canine lupus and it seems to help. I make a treat for me with pure dark chocolate melted with coconut oil and a…See More

    July 30 at 5:04pm · 4

    Ronald Colonna Sr. I only cook with Coconut Oil.and use Extra Virgin Olive,only at Room get full benefits of Both of the Miracle Oils.Coconut oil,will burn fat on your Body,taken internally and rubbed on externally.

    July 30 at 5:10pm

    Michael McCarrey Coconut oil is pure brain-fuel. I use it as a butter replacement and for anything that otherwise calls for some kind of oil.

    July 30 at 6:02pm

    Trish Genoff I use it in everything. All cooking, smoothie’s, moisturizer. But everyone should try oil pulling!!!!

    July 30 at 6:07pm

    Mary Jo Seguin Chartrand I also eat it. I’m up to 1 tablespoon a day.

    July 30 at 6:33pm

    Sophia Lee I am now.

    July 30 at 7:16pm

    Paul W Mahon #pwm4u

    July 30 at 7:21pm

    Maggie Jordan-Grant It’s wonderful for making popped corn!

    July 30 at 8:02pm · 4

    Ronna Harju What is oil pulling?

    July 30 at 8:06pm

    Julie Z. Griffis I love coconut oil, I cook with it, I bake with it.. I use it in everything.

    July 30 at 8:23pm · 1

    Margaret Wood Thanks for all the posts that support Dr. Whitaker. His products have been a GREAT blessing to our family! I will use coconut oil for pop corn. What a novel idea!

    July 30 at 8:29pm · 1

    Darlene Kivimaa I fry with it

    July 30 at 9:36pm

    Rosie Phelps-Krisovitch never tried it but I will Immune system shot from lung transplant can,t hurt

    July 30 at 10:21pm · 1

    Ken Long I try cooking with it, but I still like the flavor of olive oil more.

    July 30 at 11:53pm

    Ghassan Rahbe No oil tops olive oil . All oils are good . Except Saudi oil .

    July 31 at 12:07am · 2

    Caroline Morgan I take 2 tbsp daily to lower my cholesterol. Use it in my coffee instead of sugar.

    July 31 at 1:45am

    Jose Luis Ureña Alexiades I like adding a teaspoon of coconut oil on my cup of morning coffee.

    July 31 at 1:49am

    Susie Bjorklund In my coffee? Never thought of that. I like it right off the spoon.

    July 31 at 2:29am

    Susan Cote Also good for sick pets. Put in the food. Safe for cats and dogs, cleans up fur, and kills off harmful sickness issues. You can also melt and put into an eye for an infection. Very few things are eye-safe, this is.

    July 31 at 3:56am · 1

    Brigitte Nelson I use it for baking, cooking, frying and skin care

    July 31 at 5:19am · 1

    Donna Mitchell I cook with it all the time. So many different uses.

    July 31 at 5:44am · 2

    Brenda Hoffner-Hill Rider LOVE IT! Use it for everything!

    July 31 at 6:35am

    James D Harris Peggy & I use coconut oil for everything. Salad dressing, cooking, dry skin, oil pulling for white teeth, and have no other form of cooking oil in the house. Cold, expeller pressed, organic, coconut oil is the purest form.

    July 31 at 6:44am · 1

    DeeDee Lauren Pine I use it for cooking, and skin care, never tried it in my coffee!

    July 31 at 7:21am

    Sharon Jackson-Alsip love coconut oil, use it everyday…

    July 31 at 7:21am

    Elizabeth Taylor-Muntean I use it everyday, cooking, skin, pets..but coffee ..why coffee? Can someone explain it please?

    July 31 at 7:54am · 1

    Andrea Mcdowell I WILL DEFINITELY TRY IT…..

    July 31 at 8:46am


    July 31 at 9:18am

    June Weitemier Yes, multi usage.

    July 31 at 9:21am

    Marcia Greer We use it for everything we ever used cooking oil for previously. We even pop our popcorn in it! And our chickens love a tiny bit of it every day!

    July 31 at 9:40am

    Lincoln Robinson this product the organic types are the best ,food in all its various forms and usages.tops especially for sun people.peace shell.t.robinson/ra

    July 31 at 12:45pm

    Ruth Thomas Spread it on flax seed bread.

    July 31 at 1:54pm

    Ruth Thomas Use it making fig bars. Mmm…

    July 31 at 1:55pm

    Steve Dupere Air pop some pop corn and drizzle coconut oil and sea salt over it. Forget about it!

    July 31 at 3:01pm

    JoAnne J. Neyhart Yes, I use it for cooking and washing my mouth with it daily, also it’s great for your skin, especially your face!

    July 31 at 3:12pm

    Christine Trower Barnes I put 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of real butter, and 1 Tlbsp whipping cream in every morning! I used to like it sweet, but it is very satisfying without it

    July 31 at 4:22pm · 1

    Mary Jo Whitton Try putting it on your legs before you shave! Heaven!

    July 31 at 7:09pm · 1

    Linda Knowles Richards Dennis, My husband is ready a book on coconut oil presently. It has been very informative.

    July 31 at 7:13pm

    Garylene Porter Yes, everything!

    I love coconut oil

    July 31 at 7:41pm · 1

    Luisa Corpuz Rowe I grew up with coconut oil. We use it in cooking, in door hinges, for our skin for our scalp, for wounds and many more

    July 31 at 9:26pm

    Zeny Cajudo Yes, I use extra virgin coconut oil for cooking & baking.I also use it on my scalp and sometimes as moisturizer for my face

    July 31 at 11:40pm · 2

    Johnette Parmelee You can now purchase coconut oil capsules.

    August 1 at 12:59am · 1

    Terri Brown yes I use it for frying & popcorn

    August 1 at 4:30pm

    Claire Comeau Moniz In my coffee every morning and every 3 weeks on my head and body for 30 mins .love it

    August 1 at 4:55pm

    Claire Comeau Moniz give it to my dog,Kachina…she loves it…..make my toothpaste with it ..bake and cook with it!