Big success. This photo shows the highlights that I did all by myself with a ‘blonde’ highlighting kit by Jerome Russle.  I really like the way it came out. This is how it looks just plain. No makeup.

The lower photo shows how it looks with the addition of fuscia hair chalk. And full makeup. Only drawback to hair chalk is that it makes your pillow case pink (or whatever color you are using on your hair). I may have to look into a more permanent solution.Photo on 8-11-14 at 8.13 AMPhoto on 8-10-14 at 5.45 PMBy the way, the fabulous necklace is from Forever 21. It cost $19.80. All their jewelry is fabulous, and this was one of their more expensive pieces. My girlfriend got a gorgeous necklace for $12.80 and I got another one for $10.80. Check it out.

Forever 21 also has terrific purses and scarves.  And they now have a Plus size department for normal size people. This is a good thing, as before their Large was actually a six or an eight.

With back to school time here, check out their leggings in tons of colors for $3.80 and camies to match for $1.80. How do they do it?

p.s. just relooking at the two photos and realize I should Always wear makeup.