Always feels good to be home. Had a nice family week in Hillsborough, CA. This is a community south of San Francisco airport by about twelve minutes. As my daughter does lots of airport pickups, she has this route down pat.

My granddaughter Cami had her Bat Mitzvah ceremony and family and friends came from far and wide. I came from Hawaii and her father came from Florida. Aunts and Uncles and Cousins came from Boston, Rhode Island, Colorado, Washington STATE AND DC. Winner for distance flew from London.

When I dragged into my bedroom, the carpet looked even worse than I remembered. It probably was once white and unstained. I realized I could recarpet the room and that would be great. However, where would anyone move the furniture to? So I decided to ‘dye’ the carpet 3

I looked up this subject on the internet and got the general idea. I then used a bottle of Merlot and a bottle of Cabernet and splashed it all over. Then I did the same with very strong coffee. Then with very strong tea. Then I dripped left over burgundy hair dye in spots all over sort of like leopard. Then I made a mixture of root beer concentrate and red food coloring and water and ‘filled’ in where necessary, using a clean kitchen sponge.

It came out really good and all the dingy white and stains are Gone.

I should have worn socks while doing this as now the bottoms of my feet are stained burgundy.

p.s. by the way, the ‘books’ are a wall mural I put up on some plain cupboard doors. (Available at Steve’s Wallpaper)