I am going on vacation tomorrow, so I will not be posting a blog until I return on August 7th. The occasion for this trip is the Bat Mitzvah for my granddaughter, who will be 13 on Friday August 1. August 2nd is her Big Day.

For those of my readers who don’t know what this is, it is the Jewish religious passage of a girl when she turns 13. The boy’s event is called a Bar Mitzvah.

I’m sure she will get lots of fabulous presents. Money is the traditional gift, but also jewelry. (And probably now, electronics).

When I had my Bat Mitzvah in 1950, it was a very simple ceremony with only family present. I think my main present was a Cross ballpoint pen. Now it is like a huge formal ‘wedding weekend’. Starting with Thursday, a family Chinese dinner, then Friday an Italian dinner for 50, then Saturday morning, the actual Bat Mitzvah at the temple, followed by a luncheon.

Then Saturday night is the formal dinner/dance with 200 guests. 100 children and 100 adults. Sunday is the  brunch at home.

This gives me Monday and Tuesday for shopping and then to fly home on Wednesday.

I am all packed (except for my pillow). Tell you all about it when I return.