32 Miles. That is how far it is from the island of Molokai to Oahu (where I live). The channel is considered the roughest in the world and there are many races each year featuring outrigger canoes. I think the song goes, “26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a waiting for me”.

But on Sunday July 27, will be the women’s paddle board event. Molokai to Oahu. The same woman holds eight world records for this. I think she took last year off to have a baby. It is probably not too easy to paddle board for 32 miles prone (on your stomach), when you are pregnant.

But now that baby is 14 months old, the mama is ‘back in the saddle’, so to speak. She is 38 years old and this is actually her 14th year doing this. (I bet she has great upper arms)


photo 2

I have only tried paddle boarding once. I was on my knees using an oar/paddle. I went out about forty feet from shore and then using my incredible balance and my paddle, I came all the way to shore. Not bad. Next time I want to learn how to stand up and paddle. Like my twelve year old granddaughter in the background. (my daughter Sherry took the photo with her iPhone5s.) Pretty amazing, you can even see the grains of sand under the water. And she was about ten feet away.

I might add that Sherry is a great photographer. Not only did she take photography in college back in the 80’s (before digital everything), she is also the official school photographer for her children’s schools for the past dozen  years. This ties in with her being PTA president and Girl Scout leader. She also takes great travel photos of their trips. This photo was taken while she was on a trip to Hawaii.