Hair chalk is a new item I have been hearing about. If you have seen entertainers on TV with royal blue or green streaks in their hair: hair chalk.51o7hIT6AAL

This washes out, so it is just a one time thing. Actually lasts for three days. I haven’t seen this product in Hawaii yet, but I’m sure I could find it online. In the meantime, I ‘invented’ a good substitute. So if you want to see what you would look like with ‘highlights’ of blue or green or purple or whatever, just go to your eye shadow department and pick out the brightest ones.

Take a small strand of hair and starting at the scalp, hold the eye shadow container against the hair and pull it to the end, while pressing down with your finger. It really looks good and takes about five minutes to do a dozen strands.

This would be fun for a party, or just to perk up your look for a special day. My next project will to try this with multi colors. Oh, and look up hair chalk on the internet.
Photo on 7-26-14 at 10.10 AMOK: I just looked up hair chalk and I found it on Amazon. A 32 color set for only $9.50, with free shipping if you add it on to another order for $25. Hooray for Amazon Prime. And it is supposed to last three days. Now to search Amazon for something I can’t live without for $25.

But here is something even better.  Hot Huez. Four colors that glide on in a nifty fold/over compact. So you don’t get this on your fingers. You lay strand on sponge side and just pull strand through closed round case. On ‘as seen on TV’ this set is $14.95 (but it comes with three pony tail holders and a free carrying case) plus $7 shipping and handling. On Amazon, the same thing minus the pony tail holders  is $7.57. And free shipping.

I ordered this. Colors are Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Neon Green and Hot Purple. Take your pick.

418Qw0OfNBLBy the way the TV site has a video of how to do this and there is also a cute little girl on You Tube doing a video of her mother doing her hair with this little kit. She uses all four of the colors. Perfect for back to school.