It is so awful to be without the internet, even for an hour or two. The other day this happened to me. And then I got the following graph in an email and had to laugh. It was so true.

Although I have never actually been without food for a month or water for a week. And the longest I have gone without sleep is a never.


For something that wasn’t even around twenty years ago, we are addicted. During the hour or so my internet connection was down, I couldn’t check my email.

I also couldn’t send a Birthday card or look up a recipe. It is amazing how many times a day I refer to something on the internet. I couldn’t even write my blog.

Now my next big thing will be to decide on what kind of phone I want to get for my upgrade. I have always had an iPhone, and currently have iPhone5. I never got the 5s and now iPhone 6 will be coming out soon. But Amazon Fire looks good too, and that comes with a free year of Amazon Prime, which I have and like. They just extend your membership for a year more.

When I am ready for an upgrade next month, I’ll have to go into ATT and study all the new models. I just wish the battery life was longer on all these phones. I use a special case with a built in extra battery. This is a lifesaver in an airport or on an airplane.

I wonder how many other 76 year old widows are worrying about these things.