When I was growing up in Hawaii, every weekend I would go to the beach, lie in the sun and get a glorious tan. In those days, back in the 50’s, there was no such thing as sun block. We used Hawaiian Tropic, which was coconut oil, or baby oil. So we got fried.

It wasn’t until the late 60’s that PABA was ‘invented’. It was by prescription and if you ever got it near your eyes, Ouch. This was a sun block with the consistency of water.

Many years later, the folly of too much sun and no protection meant skin cancer and lots of ugly sun spots. No more sun for me. I looked very pale. I tried a few different products that were supposed to give you a tan. The best was Bain de Soleil, which was a gelee tanning gel that immediately made you look tanner. It was a nice glow, but it didn’t last.

I decided to try the self tanning one more time. Last time I used a product that was orange and streaky. I was told that the only way to go is with St. Tropez mousse. Goes on like liquid fluff. No orange and no streaking. It also seems to last several days and just gradually fades.Photo on 7-23-14 at 7.54 AM #2 The four ounce size is $32, but the eight ounce size is $42. No brainer. Right now Sephora has a good ‘sale’ special on St. Tropez self tanning kit with the 6.7 oz  spray, a mitt, and a small ‘gold’ lotion for highlights. This is a $64 value and is on sale for $15.60. The spray alone is $35.

Should be easier to do my back. Now I have to squirt the mousse on the smooth side of my back brush and spread it around.s1502301-main-grid I got two. Sephora also has a good gift with purchase every day. Today it was a seven day supply of 28 samples of Ole Henrikson LIttle Wonders day cream, night cream and serum. I plan to use this the week I am ‘on vacation’ in California. This is a good product that I have used before. The smell is wonderful and your face looks nice and smooth after a few days of this regimen.