I always like to use unusual postage stamps. Sometimes the pickings are slim, but today there were several nice ones. Flowers, Harry Potter (which is an amazing foldout), and a few others. But I chose the Circus poster stamps. These are so well done. Just like the circus posters I remember from my childhood.

I got the last two sheets of these at the Saratoga Road post office in Waikiki. While I was waiting in line, I thought back to when I was six (seventy years ago) and a regular stamp was three cents but airmail was seven cents. And a postcard was a penny. And of course our US money was stamped HAWAII. (as in ‘territory of’)

Photo on 7-21-14 at 11.42 AM

I think it makes sense to do something like this. It makes a mundane task into something fun. And think how many people actually see the stamp. Let’s see, there is you and the postal clerk who sold it to you. Then the mailman on either end, and finally the person you are sending this to.

So give someone a smile, and go to the post office and buy a sheet of ‘fun’ stamps. Use them on special cards and notes. Don’t always just send an email to wish a Happy Birthday or Thank you.

I also have a set of colored marking pens to coordinate the address with the stamp I am using. Why not?