Who ever heard of a bandage aisle? Growing up in the 1940’s, all the bandages were white, they were all the same length and width, and they came sealed in a neat white metal box.

The other day I needed a bandage to keep the sun off my cheek, where I had a boo-boo removed. As I seldom buy bandages and could only find a very large and no small flesh (whose flesh?) colored ones, so I found my self in the ‘bandage aisle’ of Longs/CVS drug store.

Thank goodness they now offer small shopping carts on wheels for their shoppers. As they opened in 1960, it would seem that it wouldn’t have taken them 54 years to think of this. Even so, it’s probably the largest grossing store in the whole CVS chain.

Back to bandages. I had no idea what I was getting into. So many choices, and so little time. Oh, no, that’s something else. Let’s see we have waterproof, flexible, flesh colored, coated with antibiotic, larger, non stick, sheer, clear, breathable, and on and on.

I forgot to mention children’s bandages. That is a whole ‘nuther section and there are so many darling bandages, I was wishing I had a little child with a cut, so I could actually use one of these. It would have been hard to decide between the Super Heroes and Disney characters, but if I was designing bandages I would do a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in a special tin commemorative box. That should sew up the kiddie market.

Seems like while the bandages scream ‘waterproof’, the boxes they come in are made of cardstock and as they are usually kept in the bathroom, which can be steamy and hot, it would be nice if the box didn’t wilt.

And while we are on suggestions. Didn’t bandages used to have a little red string you pulled to slit open the wrapper? What happened to that? Is there a new trick nobody told me about?

I decided on the WATER BLOCK PLUS. clear… turns out this was a great choice. It goes on like second skin and is almost invisible from two feet away. Unfortunately the camera taking the photo is  only a desktop away, so maybe 18 inches.

Photo on 7-19-14 at 6.59 AM #2