Have you ever heard of Meet Up? Me neither. This is a new way of people getting together. Every city has this. There are lots of ‘groups’. You can join as many as you want and it is free. There is an ‘organizer’ who plans events and get togethers.

For example tonight there is a ‘White’ party at Trump in Waikiki. There are a certain number of free tickets and then you can buy your own. This is for the dining group. I would have signed up, but I don’t have one single white item in my closet and they won’t let you in if you aren’t in all white. It is ‘pool party clothes’, so I guess I could have bought a white bathing suit and long white skirt. Oh, well.

Tuesday night is the movie group’s free advance screening of Lucy. Now that sounded like fun, so I signed up for that and got two free passes in my email. Uh, oh. then I started reading comments from members and it seems that you have to start lining up around 5 to 5:30 for the 7p.m. showing.

Not me. I don’t stand in line for anything. So I gave my passes to the daughter/boyfriend of my friend.

I think Meet Up is a good idea, in this age of computerized everything. A way for people to connect and do something they like to do anyway. There are writing groups, and hiking groups. There are music groups and even a laughing group. This last one is sort of like a bunch of people laughing. Supposed to make you feel great.

So, if you would like to know more about Meet Up, just go online and check it out.