I always check to make sure something is microwave safe. I seldom heat things in anything but pyrex, but I was melting some chocolate chips in a microwave safe plastic container and this is what happened.

Hot melted chocolate all over the inside of the microwave, the turntable and of course my mauve kitchen carpet. First I attacked the carpet. Thank God for Resolve.

I am just lucky that my foot was not directly under the dish as I pulled it out of the microwave. I would have had a horrible burn.

So, do yourself a favor and always microwave in glass. Pyrex measuring cups with handles are good for this. (note two holes in bottom of microwave safe container.)

This reminds me of a joke. A man working at Hershey, fell into a huge vat of melted chocolate and he yelled, “Fire”. When he was pulled out of the mess, he was asked why he yelled ‘Fire’ and he said, “No one would have come, if I had yelled ‘Chocolate!’.

Photo on 7-16-14 at 2.26 PM photo 5