‘Open It’ is the name of a very handy item. This five way tool opens those nasty plastic domes on so many products, slices open boxes, and even has a darling little Phillips screwdriver buried in the handle. Company name is Zimba.


If you have ever purchased the 24 pack of Via coffee from Costco, you will probably make a beeline for the Amazon site. The person or committee who designed this packaging should be taken out and shot.

I found this on Amazon and loved it so much that when I got a wedding invitation from a distant cousin, I decided this would make a great wedding gift. Not expensive, and not a glamour gift, but something they will probably use for years.

I had been wishing I had this tool fifty years ago, as I have stabbed many a box with a kitchen knife. I know it is not your ‘traditional’ wedding gift, but I wrote a nice letter with it, saying that with all the boxes and presents they would be getting, this would come in very handy.

I thought of cake knives and trays, salad bowls and servers, wine stuff, but I kept coming back to this little tool. I’m sure they will get fabulous gifts galore, and this will help them unpack them.

So I ordered it for them. As Amazon would not ship this ‘dangerous’ item to Hawaii, I had it sent directly to them, with a separate card and note. Funny, they shipped mine to me with no problem. Must be a new Federal regulation that went into effect last month.

There is also a ban on shipping perfume to Hawaii. I order online, have it shipped to my daughter in California and either she mails it to me or she or I meet somewhere on a trip.

Yesterday I received a very sweet and sincere sounding Thank You from the bride, who said that they have been using this a lot and thank you so much. Made my day.