I guess it is always bathing suit time in Hawaii, but even here, summer has lots of bathing suit specials going on. There are bathing suit shops galore, and of course Macy’s. And believe it or not, Ross is where I found two darling bathing suits by Maxine. These were regularly $52 in the bathing suit shop and $19.99 at Ross.Photo on 7-6-14 at 2.48 PMPhoto on 7-7-14 at 3.00 PM 2

And if you are shopping for a teen, they much prefer a huge assortment of tops and bottoms to ‘one’ suit, as we used to have.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my belief that nothing is more awful than trying on bathing suits in a store dressing room. You really have to carefully think about what you plan to wear for this event, both under your clothing and what is easy to get on and off. No lace up shoes, no panty hose (unless you plan to wear these under your bathing suit), etc.

I have discovered a web site that has very nice quality bikini bottoms. The site is called Hapari International. The best ones are called Tummy tuck bikini bottoms. Not too brief, they come almost to the belly button. Regularly $29, I ordered a black pair when they were 60% off and today I ordered a brown pair at their daily special, which was $5. (shipping was $4.72). But if you like brief ones, they have those too.

They also were featuring a $59 tankini top in brown zebra, at $14.99, but they were sold out on my size. Darn.

What I am saying is, don’t order anything there at full price, as they have sales every day, it seems.