75681e2c-b76e-462a-b7dc-3e17e0838413Today I got an email from a recipe site I belong to. It had something so simple, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this years ago.

Everyone in my family loves a good grilled cheese sandwich. I always made these with sour dough bread and good cheddar or cheddar/swiss mixture. Of course I spread each outside side with butter and browned in my black iron skillet. (still the best pan ever invented).

Well today I found out I’ve been doing it all wrong for over fifty years. Mayonaise is much better than butter. It has a higher burning temperature¬†than butter, so you can get the inside of your sandwich all melty, before the outside is black. Gives the sandwich a great flavor.

And don’t forget to watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Two are getting eliminated. They are all so terrific, it will be interesting to see who gets the axe.