Today while driving around town doing some errands, I was mindlessly listening to the radio, when a woman started speaking about doing something that made her feel wonderful.

She was in the drive up line ordering lunch from Burger King. She decided to pay for the people in the car behind her. When she got to the window, she paid for her order and then told the girl at the window that she wanted to pay for the car behind her also.

The cashier was so floored, she had to call her supervisor. Meanwhile the people in the car behind knew nothing of this, and wouldn’t know that their order had been paid for until they got their food.

The woman speaking on the radio show said she got such a kick out of doing that, that she wants to do it again. I plan to do this next time I am in a drive up food line. Gee if some of my readers did that too, we could start a Be Nice to a Stranger Day.

Wish I were that fly on the wall.