I did it. I did it. I found an ice cream bar that has 70 calories, tastes good and has 8 grams of protein, only 3 grams of sugar and lots of fibre. Oh, I feel so noble just eating one.

Photo on 6-17-14 at 10.25 AM

They come in Fudge, the best, but store is usually out of stock on this flavor. There is coffee, which could be vanilla if your eyes were closed. And peanut butter, very similar to the coffee. But texture and illusion of ‘ice cream’ is certainly there.

Since I am ‘saving’ so many calories on this product, I have decided to improve it with the addition of my hard shell chocolate coating. Did I say these bars are naked?

First I make a batch of my hard shell chocolate sauce. So easy. In microwave container put 3/4 cup chocolate chips and 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil (or butter, but coconut oil makes it taste just like Dairy Queen). Melt in micro 20 seconds, stir, another 20 seconds. Until almost all melted. Now add 1/4 choc. chips and stir. Done!

Now I just spread it on the front and back of the bar. This really makes it good. This amount is enough to do about eight bars. To remelt the sauce (which I keep in a little jar in the fridge), simply put jar (without the metal lid) in micro and either press melt/chocolate, or melt at 30 second intervals. Should take less than two minutes.

And speaking of chocolate chips, I must mention that I recently tried the Kirkland ones at Costco. A 48 oz. bag is $10.49. Very handy to have on hand if you do lots of baking. They taste exactly like Nestle, (the ones in the bright yellow bags), so they probably are made for Costco by Nestle and just packaged differently. (that way, they don’t upset their other retailers and market chains.)

Seriously, these things are good. And all good things are expensive (or most good things). So these are expensive @ $7.49 for four. And they are only sold at Whole Foods and Gelson’s. Probably a few others too. You could look up your area online.

Think I’ll go melt some hard shell sauce.