I decided that I have too many neat things to share and so I am back.

Yes, it has been a long time. February 16 was my last post, and here it is July. Almost the Fourth of. I’ll have to get out my red/white/blue flag scarf.

If you read my site before, you know I love cooking and baking. Better make that past tense. In January I mostly cut out sugar, flour,  butter, potatoes, rice, bread. The results are in. I lost about eighteen pounds.

But I also lost the desire to bake brownies and cookies and pie and cake. No fun, if you can’t eat it. But now it was my grandson’s fifteenth birthday so…photo

I did make a fabulous red/white and blue flag cake that looks like an American flag when you cut it. It involved eight layers of red/white and a clever blue square right where it should be. I will try to describe to you how this is done.

First buy three boxes of Duncan Hines white cake mix. Then buy a bottle of red and a bottle of blue food coloring. You will probably have to get the whole set, which also has green and yellow.

Grease and line four nine inch cake pans. Set oven to 350. Make the first cake. Leave it white and pour into two pans. Make the second cake red. Pour into two pans.

I don’t know how big your oven is, but I could only bake two pans at a time in mine. Finally after removing the white cake from pan #1, I was able to make the third cake and tint it blue. Use about thirty drops of food coloring in the red and blue batters. I may have used a little more. You want the colors to be vibrant, and there is no taste to food coloring.

You only need one layer of blue, so with the left over batter, you can make blue cupcakes. Also, if you use about 1/4 cup vodka for part of the water/liquid, your cake will stay moist and fresh for quite a while. Leftovers go in the fridge. Covered.

Cool all the cakes on racks and slice the red and white layers in half sideways, so you actually have four layers of each. For the blue layer, take a four inch bowl or saucer and cut around it so you have a blue shaped donut with a four inch hole in the middle. Now to fill the hole with some red and white stripes. Cut same size circle out of one red and one white layer.

Now you are ready to make the frosting and assemble this masterpiece.

For the frosting you will need to cream one pound of unsalted butter, with two pounds (boxes) of sifted powdered sugar. Add vanilla and 1/3 cup whipping cream.

First layer is red. Then a very thin layer of the frosting, then white, frosting, red, frosting, white, frosting. Then lay the blue layer with the hole in the middle on top. Take the red circle and put in bottom of hole, top with thin frosting and white circle on top of red circle. Now thickly frost the whole cake.

Really spectacular when you cut it. This is an expensive cake to make, what with the butter, sugar, mixes, food coloring, but worth it for the raves it will get. And you will probably only do this once in your life. Although, I am seriously thinking of doing this again sometime, just for the hell of it.

And while this isn’t meant to be a frugal gourmet recipe, it really doesn’t cost any more than a fancy bakery cake. Just your time. And that is a labor of love.

By the way, I don’t have a very large kitchen and I did all the assembly, cutting and pasting on the dining room table. Big problem with making three white cakes is that you wind up with nine egg yolks. Does anyone have any ideas?