I was so proud of myself today. I did some outside the box thinking.

It started when I decided to purchase a new ‘electric’ toothbrush. I had a battery Oral B toothbrush that was getting a little weak. I replaced it with a CVS battery operated one that is much nicer (and even came with an extra head. (If I can remember where I put it when I need to change the head).

By the way these are really good. I have had all the jazzy $100 type electric toothbrush/chargers and this is just as good, plus  you don’t have to have that big plug in charger on your counter. And it was $7.99. With three AAA batteries already in it.

I was about to throw the ‘old’ one away and then a light bulb went off in my head. Yesterday I baked a chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day. I used a bundt pan in the shape of a heart. There were about fifty ridges in the mold and I could not get the pan clean.

I had been soaking and scrubbing, but when I turned on the toothbrush and ran it down each ridge, it was a cinch. I wonder if there is an actual kitchen thingy that does this, but has a larger brush. Great idea!

I should have been an inventor. About fifty years ago, I dreamed of a ‘machine’ that would stir the pudding in the pot on the stove. Voila. Now there actually is such an item. But I seldom make pudding. Youngest child is 52. And 12 year old grandson doesn’t like sweets.